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Converting divx to DVD or VCD formats.


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Whats the best way to do this? My dads DVD player at home only supports those two formats, so the divx's that I want to play on the tv won't work unless they are burnt in one of the two formats.

Whats easier and less hassle to do? I'd prefer DVD, as it requires 1 disc as opposed to probably 3 in VCD format (6- 30min episodes of a tv show), but whatever will do it without spending 20 hours encoding etc blah blah blah.

If I'm going the DVD route, it needs to be mac software, as thats the only comp in the house with a DVD+R, but I have cd burners running windows.

Much appreciated.


TRIBE Member
Hey man...bring the episodes into toast and it will re-encode the files for you. Make sure encoding is set to automatic, and it will make the files fit the disk.


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Wheres the best place to find Toast? I dont have a copy of it on my mac, and IIRC from the last time I had a mac laptop, Toast wasn't freeware...

Is there a spot I can download it easily? Will a demo version work?

Im too drunk to figure this shit out myself right now..
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