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Controller with motorized fader suguestions?


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the behringer is the best bet, but the plastic breaks easily. it could easily become a lego set if you don't treat it properly.
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Sal De Ban

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one of the best things about it - it shows you what's on each channel, unlike the other controllers. You'll find that with a usb mixer, you're still having to look at the screen every time - not really much of a help - especially if you want more hands-on mixing. The visual element is very critical - so you can see what you're doing without resorting to writing on strips of masking tape. It also helps to be able to see the status of more than one channel at a time. Its worth the extra bucks - if you're not using profools.


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It's not that hard to post stuff with motorized faders if you want to spend $1000+ lol

I don't think that was really the point of the thread.. well if it was, I misunderstood.

Sal De Ban

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Its preference imo. You can buy a half-decent piece of gear here for $500 and another there for $500...or you could just invest in a solid unit for $1000. Your bank acct eventually absorbs the cost - and what you're left with is a quality piece of hardware. I already made mistakes buying intermediary shit that I ended up getting frustrated with - dealing with workarounds, and cutting corners. If i spent more up front in the beginning, I wouldn't be upgrading - and therefore spending more $$$ than I planned on. And I think Unique wants to be at least semi-pro, unless i'm thinkin of someone else...
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I've always been an in the box kind of guy. I'm just looking to step outside of that as I've been doing a lot more paid work these days. I just dropped a bunch of money on the new studio set up I'm really just looking for something to play around with before I decide to purchase something good if I decide that's what I want. That euphonix looks sweet though. Thanks for the ideas. I might just skip the motorized all together and get the Korg Nanokontol2. I'm loving the Nanokey2.
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