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Contributing about the Toronto Experience


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Perhaps I should try this again...:p

I posted a thread in the progressive room in regards to up and coming individuals in the Toronto local DJ scene, and I'd like to elaborate on why I'd greatly appreciate your outlook and experiences.

I work in post sound and love the scene here. I've spoken to some local DJs and club-goers about their experiences and have attended many events. However, I'm not very knowledgeable about the industry; only as far as it being as hectic as in film/TV, and that one must have a great amount of resilience and confidence to stick with it. I'm doing this research for my writing and more accurately, a possible documentary. I'm in the midst of finding a direction to take, because docs can get tricky and convoluted at times.

here is the original thread. I'd really love to hear from you. and you can PM me any time if you have questions you'd like to address or would like to meet to talk about it.



We've had a continual thread on the comparison of the Montreal/Toronto party scene and people have attested to positive and negative attributes on both sides.

What had been originally illustrated was the vast support system that a DJ can tap into in Toronto.

I'd like to know your thoughts, as a DJ, producer, someone involved in the local scene in Toronto - about your experience; how you started out, the positive/negative aspects, what has kept you here, has the local scene been of any support to you? What makes Toronto more valuable for DJs compared to other scenes? How do DJs from other cities/countries see the Toronto scene? What do record labels think of it?

It's clear that Toronto has a world-class DJ scene. It'd be nice for people to elaborate on their thoughts. Some of the things that seem like they’d be important, to me, are:

- Venues

- The local “community”: music/style interests, level of knowledge, commitment, attitude, size, diversity

- Opportunity: to get started, to get noticed, to learn and develop as an artist

- Support network: other DJs, producers, promoters, club owners

docta seuss

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it would seem peeps are too damn lazy to answer questions which require long answers ;)

i'll give a proper response in a bit, but ii'm kinda busy at present..