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Contact Info for Algorythym?


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I'm working with a professor at UWO on a massive research project on intexuality in music. After talking to beaker a few weeks ago about this 'cut and paste' project that Algorythym(sp?) was working on I'd really like to get in touch with him. If someone could toss me his email or even email me his cell or home number it would be much apprecitated. I'm only in town until Thursday and would really like to meet up with him.

Thanks guys,


Destro Sanchez

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thats the bookin agency he's affiliated with.

bound to be an email address on there somewhere.

ooooor come out to Mission at Element on thursday and talk to him in person. :)

hope that helps



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Thanks bro,

I'd love to check out Element this Thursday but I'm likely going to be on my way back to London at that time. As for that site, it's great for bio and booking info but it doesn't have an addy listed for Algorithim himself.

I'll try emailing his booking agent but if anyone has his contact info passing that along would be much appreciated. :)


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i thought this was the techno algo that we all know of without really reading what it says in the white label beside the record.

i guess not :(

let's hope to see his records like this in japan soon..hehe
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