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Connected V7 in Calgary


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While the Connected parties in the rest of north America have fizzled out, Calgary is still going strong. Big League Chu and I made our way out there for what we knew would be an amazing night.

We made our way to the party at around midnight, only to arive to a massive line up and a packed house inside. The party was held at an old army baricks that had 50 foot high celings and enough space for 3500 people. Anyways, as we got there we were quickly rushed into the green room, and when I say green room, I mean the shit they have for rockstars. The room had leather couches, mirrored walls and a fridge stocked with every kind of booze you could imagine.

Chu went at 2am and rocked the shit out of the breaks room. I went on from 3:30-6am and what can I say other than I had one of the best times playing ever. It reminded me of the old Toronto Connected parties.

If you ever get a chance to go to Calgary for a Connected I strongly suggest it. I can't wait till next year.

P.S. If you want to see pictures go to www.electrocalgary.com



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Fuck man that looks so old skool! *sigh & tear*:( :( From the pics it looks like one hell of an awsome party. I sure wish I was there, I miss the big parties like those with quality Dj's.

Congrats to be honoured to play there buddy.


Omari Taylor
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