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Welll this party was quite amazing. That's all there is to say!
The venue was amazing, the lights were great and the vibe was saweet!!

Alot of people that I talked to were saying it was the best party they had been to in a really long time! I also agree!!!

I got there at 11:30 after sleeping for an hour and was scared I'd slept through it, hadn't had hardly anythibng to eat all day so wasn't feeling so good.
Greg Benz spun an amazing set as usual, but due to the fact I was sooo hungry, I didn't dance at all.
I managed to get out and scarff down 2 big ass burgers and by the time I got back it TIGA was spinning.
The part that I heard when I got back in wasn't all that great to me...the bass was taking over evrything and you couldn't hear anything else in the track...but after about 20 minutes of that it was like a transformation...TIGA starting whipping out this killer techno, and duer to the new amounts of food, I went off.....I danced harder then I think I've ever danced before...people were coming up to me asking me if I was ok..I thought it was funny, cause I was sober...they couldn't believe it!
DJ RUCKUS came on and the madness continued...he blew the roof off the place!!!! In my opinion, was the shining set of the evening....I danced till i felt sick!!!
Scott Hardkiss came on and mixed sick tracks with some more chillin music but was all good for the time he was spinning.

All and All it was a very memorable evening...sure beats last years connected in TO, but hey....

Big ups to RISE for anohter great event!!!
Thanks AMir and Jon!!!




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It was a rocking party, My only beef was that the venue owner wanted it shut down 20 mins into Omari Taylor's set because daylight savings time made it 7am instead of 6.. But for those 20 mins.. People were still going nuts even with the lights on, it was insane. Go omari!


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Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support.
For more reviews on the London connected party you can visit:


I hope putting up this link is O.K Alex.
If not I guess I'll know soon.