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Connected: booyaaaa bassssssss!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by D-Cypher, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. D-Cypher

    D-Cypher TRIBE Member

    yeah yeah!! wicked party, although getting into the drinking area was a big pain in the ass! respect to jj and Kenny Ken's most amazing set......too bad i couldn't even see the dj's!!!!!! WTF????????

    Lassty, before i collapse, massive respect to Mystical's 2 hour + set.......wicked tings!!
  2. PaRtYKiD

    PaRtYKiD TRIBE Member

    Okay, so we had some serious craziness going on here.

    Ian Pooley didn’t want to close the room? Schedule got switched around? What’s the dilly?

    Couldn’t see who was spinning. DJ booth was up in the rafters.

    Darren Emerson 1-3?

    Ian Pooley 3-4:30?

    Dan 4:30-???


    We had basically no idea who was spinning when, besides for second hand info that for all I know is total nonsense.

    Back to my night. Got there nice and early, waved to the crowd waiting in line. Shuffled in to the 19+ for some Tim Patrick goodness. But, no Tim Patrick.

    So Corey wanders around the tent and parks his fat ass behind a booth and socializes for a good 2 hours.

    1am rolls around, I head out to the main room to check out Dekoze (well I had too really, with me saying all the shit I did) Hear some seriously sick tracks, a good 30min of groovy funkiedelicious house. I was impressed, although I later found out it wasn’t even Dekoze spinning. Oh the insanity.

    I cant really write any reviews about the sets, since I still don’t know forsure who spun when.

    But the night did consisted of some seriously solid sets. It got this jello-giggling ass going, and that made me happy.

    We all knew it would be rammed to max with our resident ‘party every 6 month’ raving massive. So it was no surprise crowd wise.

    You just had to fight for your space, and you know damn well I did just that.

    The casualty list:

    - about 10 people burnt by my smoke

    - a few more elbowed to the head. don’t blame me, it’s the way I dance.

    and I apologize to anyone I stepped on, really, I didn’t see you lying on the floor.

    The place did look great, with the stage being open and the djs spinning up in never-never land, it changed things up a bit. which was for the most part, pretty snazzy.

    But even with all the confusion, I managed to have a pretty decent night.

    suke. norm. kate. was great running into ya. I apologize for any hooliganism that took place.

    PaRtYKiD’s rating 7/10

  3. Dj PyRO

    Dj PyRO TRIBE Member

    Well, what can i say. First off i already had a pretty good idea of what things would be like. First thing i was thinking was it was going to be back 2 back. In the end it wasnt that bad [​IMG] Lets start with the 19+ area: Great people and nice crowd. Connected had the whole custom projection that had the same 10 sec clip over and over again. Worst part of the night was the line up for the 19+, i was an idiot putting myself on leftside first and then they opened from right. Ok, on to the main room. Yes, i was a bit confused at first about the dj location and setup. But dont worry, the nice MC decided to show me where he was yelling from. Set times i didnt bother to look at and i know which where good and which were bad, i just wish i had the times now to see who did what. Basically the main room really was nice for most of the night. Off to the outside tent. Moment i got there i knew you were looking for crack heads to set up shop there, it was a breading ground. And after that i never went back.

    So this party did exceed my expectations just a bit pulling in a 7.5, difference between mine and partyboy's rating is i dont think i am elite [​IMG]
  4. Ravekid18

    Ravekid18 TRIBE Member

    GGGGGRrrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaattttttt. Only really came to see KK and JJFrost. Soo I danced my ass off. Chilled and met some really crazy kidz. Big Up Dose
  5. Wave

    Wave TRIBE Member

    The final set times in the main room after the jungle were approximately:
    1:15 - 2:40 Ian Pooley
    2:40 - 3:30 Darren Emerson
    4:30 - 6:30 DJ Dan
    6:30 - close Deko-ze
  6. CO2

    CO2 TRIBE Member

    Normally i dont consider packed venues as "fun", but for the little time i was there that exactly what i had....fun!!

    Incredibly enough, with all those people in there, it was actually pretty breezy in the room at times, and very well ventilated. The lighting and sound were off the hook (except near the back), and trhe crowd was your typical Dose crowd. Even though i never really knew who it was i was hearing play for the short time i was in there, it all sounded great to me, and it seemed like the partiers there didnt mind much either.

    And OMG, i do have to say that Dose (especially Connected) parties are the kings in the "fine ass women in attendance" category. My neck is strained from all my head turning... [​IMG]

  7. DJ Entity

    DJ Entity TRIBE Member

    haha, right on brother
  8. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    okay. i'll preface this by saying i went out friday nite, worked retail all saturday then worked the TRIP booth at connected from 7pm till 4:30am and didn't get home till 6am, and just worked 6 hours of retail today....

    but still I HAD A WICKED TIME. must say i was pleasnatly surprised by connected [​IMG] [​IMG]

    thanks for clearing up the set times confussion and i'm glad to see that i actually did see ian pooley...shit, he was good. i also really fucking enjoyed the jungle....man was i dancing. having mc det right above the trip booth was definately cool...holy vibe around the booth at that point!!!

    fun fun fun... i am just too beat to think clearly. as always, the tribe massive makes me smile...corey, jo, jay (your m and m's saved my life), svet, norm (what a sweetie!!), malglo, pronstar (nice to meet you...you and your damn camera!!) and anyone else that i am forgetting in my delerious haze.

    to my TRIP partners in crime - such fun! "i'm trapping in a rave and i can't get out!!"

    the overcrowdeness nearly made me mental but what can ya do?

    i gotta sleep now.

  9. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    I'm sorry but Dj Dan just didn't do it for me last night. I was never a big fan of his. I like him and stuff but I don't get super hype when he comes to town like I do for other dj's. The beats were alright but I heard about eight tracks that I already knew ... that is NOT good. When it's big party time, I want big party tracks. Save the "crybaby", "needle damage", "samplitude", "mirrorball", etc tracks for smaller nights. Forget about the happy/feelgood house at these kind of parties. Give it to me raw/dirty/agressive/zoney/trippy. Dan didn't really move me. This goes for a few other people I was talking to as well. They weren't too impressed with him.

    I think I heard about 4 big party tracks the whole night. 'Supwiththat?

    The lighting was intelligent.
    The visuals were stimuli.

    For the rest of the year ... all sets will be compared to Weaver's on March 23rd at Turbo ---> agressive/dirty/trippy/pounding.

    Respect to The Family ... they always show love.

  10. RaVeRGuY

    RaVeRGuY TRIBE Member

    The anticipated annual party thrown by Dose Productions returns with its 4th installment of "Connected." Although primarily venue-slated for the Automotive Building Centre (CNE), the event was relocated to the Docks due to some unavoidable restrictions and limitations. I am sure that a lot of people were disappointed about the venue change. However, this didn't stop Dose from rocking the Docks down!

    Got to the party around 10pm...small lineup to get in. Thought I'd expect the usual from the Docks but Dose proved me wrong. Louder and better sound system and a nice array of lighting. What was up with the dj booth being off to the side in the main arena instead of the stage? Now there's somethin' for a change. The back room of the main arena was opened up as well so that added the extra room. The side bar (which remained 19+ 'til about 3am) was the location for the other room.

    Crowd was alright last nite. No major complaints. You could always find space in the main room to dance, but as usual there's the throng of crowd walking around and 'tings. As for the side room however, it got pretty packed around 3am when it was totally opened up. No space to dance at all. Ah wellz...had a nice time chillin, sittin' on the side and listenin' to the tunes.

    Set reviews...

    Everfresh/Lush - Couldn't say much about their set. They were wrapping things up as I got in the party.

    Jumping Jack Frost - Nice little set but nothing too exceptional. Some nice mixes but yet sloppy ones as well. Spun a nice variety of tracks from the hard new skewl, to the mellow vocalistic tracks. Played BC's "Planet Dust" twice, once in the beginning and once in the end. Both got reloads...wtf???!! Yes ruff tune but no need to hear it 4 times. Hehe. Caddy Cad all alone up on stage working the crowd. MC Det enters and begins ranting.

    Kenny Ken - Definitely set of the nite IMHO. Kenny Ken surprised the crowd with a lot of hard newskewl tunes. I was expecting his usual oldskewl ragga influenced set with a blend of newskewl but to my surprise consisted mostly of new tracks. Rough rough set....props to Kenny Ken. Wikkid ragga intro as well. ***Can't forget Kenny Ken spinning Marcus' "Shine Eye Gal VIP" mix....now that's TO talent recognition.***

    Mystical Influence - Wikkid almost 3 hour set. The place was jumpin!!! Got rammed at about 3am when the bar was closed up. Tune after tune and hit after hit. "Bion", "Zion", "Bells", "Jaws II" and "Stampede". Yih!!! It's funny to see Caddy Cad trying to DJ and fill in for Mystical while he ran for an errand.

    Left the party at around 4 am. Had a pretty good time. Big up Aaron and the rest of the Lifeforce crew. Keep it up.


    PS - 'Sup Martin. Kewl bumping into ya again. Don't forget them gyals in the overalls...haha. ;-)
  11. unklespins

    unklespins TRIBE Member

    i didn't know that there was a mix up with dj's cause I could never actually see who was spinning...i thought dj dan was actually good, really good...he hasn't impressed much the last two times i've seen him but i was impressed last night. I didn't really like pooley's set, if that was him from 1 till 2...at the time i thought it was deko-ze and thought that he was overrated cause he wasn't getting me into at all. emerson was pretty good...i wish i would have caught jjf's set but no one wanted to go early.

    the over-crowding suct, at least when we first got there, from like 12am till 1:30 or so, could barely move...but then after that it got better, except for all the people constantly walking through the dance floor. fuck i hate that, and i swear, its the same fucking people constantly walking by, it totally takes me out of the music.

    the best track of the night was that strut song...never heard it before, but loved it

    overall, a wicked party considering the change over and confusion, good crowd, sweet music....
  12. PinkAngeL

    PinkAngeL TRIBE Member

    Briefly-- the music was phenomenal hour after hour after hour.
    A bit disappointed Tim Patrick wasn't there.
    Thanks for drying my tears Jay.

    Now I apologize Jay because I think I beat you posting about this one, but I can't hold it in anymore.
    The whole crowd was facing the wrong way!!!
    It was so funny!! Everyone cheering the DJ on, arms in the air in the wrong direction.
    Props to the people dancing on the stage?
    We kept informing people of their error but most didn't care, they sure weren't aware.
    Maybe we were being a bit old fashioned in our ways facing the DJ?
    All I can do is shake my head at the people who wouldn't know a good DJ if he bit them in the eardrum.
    My respect to the DJ's and MC's last night.
    It was great beginning to end.
  13. redhat30

    redhat30 TRIBE Member

    i just got back from ottawa. what a wicked night. once again max graham did not dissappoint. this guy has talented. for anyone who was there would know.
  14. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    all i can say is WOW

    i've NEVER been to a party at the docks where the crowd has been going so hard that there was actually condensation dripping from the ceiling...

    DJ DAN.. dropped some fawkin HEAVY tracks... some of them i thought were insane.. awesome. wow.

    i had a great time... surrounded by great friends.. what can i say [​IMG]

    Norm .. was great chillin with ya for a bit...

    some very spiritual moments last night..those around me in the morning know why [​IMG]


  15. stargurl*

    stargurl* TRIBE Member

    Connected pics are here
  16. stargurl*

    stargurl* TRIBE Member

  17. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    anyone catch Darren Emersons set?
  18. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    Pretty good night. Had more fun seeing friends than the party itself. Don't know who was spinning when because of the set time disorder but I enjoyed the music between 6:00-7:30 the most. Tent area was sketcherific!
    Norm - thx for the beer!!... and very good meeting you. [​IMG]
  19. xopus

    xopus TRIBE Member

    stargurl: who is the guy with the orange groove hat? and does he know where to get another hat like that?
    i have a really old one that is dieing on me, and i need to replace it. any info would be great

  20. outofcontrol

    outofcontrol TRIBE Member

    props to you stargurl for those photos!!
    the second page with all the lights and lazers are sooooo good!!
    I copied a few for my desktop...hope you don't mind!


  21. gsnuff

    gsnuff TRIBE Promoter

    But I thought he brought the same records that he destroyed[/B} the WMC with..

  22. girl friday

    girl friday TRIBE Member

    [​IMG] WOW I had such an absolutely AMAZING time at this party.
    That is the kind of kick ass music I love to hear when I go out. It kept me moving all night long.

    Ian Pooley was incredible, even though I thought he was Deko-ze.
    DJ Dan threw down some really dark tracks, took me a few seconds to get into and then I was loving it.

    Definite Highlight was Deko-ze finishing off the night...can you believe it was my first time seeing him (or rather hearing him, i couldn't see any of the DJ's) He kept my friends and i moving until the very end of the night.

    Props to everyone who stayed until almost 8am. I love seeing so many people go so crazy at the end of the night, Great way to end things off.

    I've been sleeping for almost 2 days now and am finally starting to recover. Hope everyone had as much fun as i did.

    Entity, chickpea, omen I had so much fun with you guys as always. Jay, great seeing you there.

    Malia [​IMG]
  23. me

    me TRIBE Member

    FUN FUN FUN. I haven't had this much "fun" at a party in a long while. Great vibe, awesome visuals, sexy ladies, solid DJ sets, bunch of yahoo's for friends and you can see why this one ranks high.
    A #1 DOSE!
  24. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    My god what a cracky night! First thing that I noticed when I walked in was the sound system. Two walls of speakers, not some shitty little stack in each corner of the room (promoters make note of that one) Loud, crisp, and clear; The boys @ lifeforce must really be accustomed to Turbo sound.

    As usual the lighting in the docks was phenomenal. This club would be an amazing trance venu. Those video screens with the loop of a cable plugging into the wall were just damn annoying. who the hell made that 3D POS? It looked like something I could have whipped up in 5 minutes on my home computer.

    Where the hell were the DJ's? Tucked up in some booth barely visible to anyone. Perhaps the video screens could have been used as a live feed of the DJ spinning? maybe next time [​IMG]

    Music:music:music: I was at connected since 10:30pm and I must say that the real party started somewhere around 4am. I was bored outta my skull waiting in the chill room (nice touch btw) for the house to finally start. Darren Emmerson was a little boring. nice tracks, but thats about it. DJ DAN TORE THE FUCKIN ROOF OFF! Full on bangin house yea yea! Reading the other reviews I notice that apparently Deko-ze closed the night? Whoever the hell is was that was some sick-ass techno! Was that Pearl Jam I heard?

    The early morning corwd was simply amazing. Unbeatable vibe that just wasn't there earlier on in the night. I'd even go so far as to say it had some ol'skool rave spirit. At 6am the dance floor was still packed and kickin it. 8:15am... some techy/electro remix of dido? Everyone is just standing around in awe; too sore to dance, but not ready to go home till the music is over.

    what a night indeed. [​IMG]

    Peace & love. D
  25. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    That was the Word! on the street. I wasn't in Miami so I just had to go with what I heard ... and that was the Word!.


    Visuals and Lighting were hype. No joke!

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