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Congratulations Vinder & Fiancee!!


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Lok and I will ravage the many eligible and confused hot Indian cousins at his wedding.

"Meet me near the pakoras, Sindri..."


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Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic
I'm holding off any congrats until I see an unphotochopped photo of Vinder and Mrs. Vinder.
I can't believe you would question this. Have you no heart? That's just Sikh, man.


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Does she know about the 'other melon?'

Also, these came up on a GIS for "Vinder"

other women

more of vinder's women

logical consequences

brown sauce bukkake

dunno who this guy is but he's a vinder as well


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While my spirit wishes Vinder all happiness, my suspicious brain says this is another infamous Galactic Phantom hoax.

Rob - and I think Gizmo is a surprise accomplice.


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i too, am mighty suspicious, but cannot contain my sincere "congrats!", should it be true.

Damn you and your wolf cry, Vinder.

Damn you.


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so is there huge dowry involved vinder?! like gold coins and livestock...? If so, I am up for a steak at the Tulip when you return


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Tribe vinder cannot collide with real vinder!

Was this not Scuttlebutt in another thread last week?
Untill I see proof- I shall not believe.
*If so, yah, what about the other melon?


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Originally posted by zoo
my family still has dowries -- towels (300), kitchen ware, and household appliances
getting cattle and gold coins is way better than fondue pots and toaster ovens