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Congratulations to Fear of Fours, and myself!

Old Stradlater

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Hi Everybody!

As you can tell, I'm new to the board, but have been quite familiar with things around here.

Well I found this place thanks to my lovely girlfriend, the blonde bombshell, Fear of Fours.

I popped the question over a late afternoon autumn stroll in cottage country yesterday and my lady said yes.

We haven't set a wedding date yet, but we're thinking the end of June.

I promise to give her a life of happiness!


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good news everyone.......two ppl i dont know are gonna do something i dont care about.....concrapulations!!!



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Old Stradlater is soju?
I thought you were Mark who went to seneca with me, but a year behind..?!?


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ya im confused...
this is the 3rd of 4th time ive seen someone make that accusation...
i dont think its her

Dr Funk MD

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Originally posted by Klubmasta Will
aaron drever.

ps. if this is real, congrats beckyboo.

pps. why do people think old stradlater's soju?
If it was her, she would have flamed out by now. statistically her aliases last about 24 posts before she loses composure completely.


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This site may offend! It is dedicated by Becky (US Becky) to her grandfather. It's cruel and disrespectful to old people in general, but especially to her grandfather! Just remember when you rate this that I'm not the nasty person who compiled it.

What's It All About?

Becky says that it pokes fun at her grandpa. She says she doesn't care if her readers are all too uptight to laugh at her being cruel to an old man.

Apparently this 'charming' young lady gets her fair share of 'hate mail' too and she proudly announces the fact. Among the list of credits she includes: the people at 'portalofevil' and the kids at 'Fukka50'. This gives you some idea of what a gentle soul Becky is. She does thank her grandfather though, but I assume that's just a thanks for not clipping her round the ear!

What Do You Mean by Hatemail?

These comments on the site content are not edited at all, acording to Becky. She publishes a few of them on the site minus their email addresses. Here are some examples:

'...the world would be a brighter place without your website.'

'...I hope you live long enough to realise the wrongheadedness of this whole website.'

'...once you start to dehumanise others you also start to dehumanise yourself'.

..and so forth. There are some pretty damning comments about this site. I didn't find one single email that praised the content, or even found it funny.

Pictures and Stories.

Well, I had intended to give some examples here but I don't think I ought to dignify this site with the details. It suffices to say that these items are crude, rude, disrespectful and downright cruel. They aren't funny and I've no intention of viewing any more than the one in each category that I looked at in order to write this op.


This site, written by a 17 year old girl, is not funny. I am not easily offended but I do find some of the remarks and comments this girl has written about her grandfather quite disgraceful.

It seems to me that she must have an undisclosed and deeply felt reason for wanting to humiliate and ridicule him in this way. There isn't one single item on the entire site that I thought was funny, even though I do have a very 'bizaare' sense of humour.

Would I recommend it?

Well, of course I would, if you are a trainee psychologist, or perhaps, more appropriately, psychiatrist. You might find this case interesting. FREE case study right here on the net. However, if you don't fall into those categories I wouldn't even bother looking.


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There's only one way to find out, ask old straddler what he/she thinks about will wheaton and anabolic frolic.

ps. crazygrandpa is dead! :(


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A lot of things going on have changed the way many people view the world. People have raised their values. People are trying to think a little bit more before they speak and show a little more taste. Let’s face it, everything is different. So I’m here to tell you that some things, me for instance, will never change. That’s right. I’m back with a list of my new favorite websites and they are as offensive and tasteless as ever.

The first site is probably my favorite and I just can’t wait to get to it. crazygrandpa.com is a site put together by one of the coolest girls I have ever not met through a computer. The idea is simple, there are photos, stories about and drawings of “Crazy grandpa.â€

“Who is grandpa?†some might ask. He’s just a mean, prejudice, senile old man whose granddaughter has dedicated a website to ridiculing him. The stories are not all that funny, but the way the girl tells them makes me laugh.

The pictures of grandpa serve two purposes, one is to prove any doubts readers may have about the more absurd stories about grandpa. The second reason for the pictures is to just laugh at some crazy old man who’s obviously losing his mind and in all honesty is creepier than shit, which in all honesty makes me laugh harder. There’s a kind of loop to what makes this site fun and it’s hard to leave.

To seal the deal, this young lady who dislikes her grandfather (she even says so) responds to hate mail from people who find her rude and this writer wishes he could turn a phrase as well as her. Clear, effective responses that still make me laugh my ass off.

I’m in love and all I’ve seen is “Crazy grandpa.†Gramps is a racist, I’ve learned through quotes, grandpa is a gross man and this young girl is an excellent writer for the age she appears to be. I have a new favorite site.