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Congrats to MC Lucid!


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Read the article on your cru last night in Eye Magazine. Nice picture too.
Say hi to Gabe for me, heh. I went to school with him. I'm not surprised he used a Z at the end of his name.

Anyone interested in some local talent being featured, check out this week's Eye.

Go Jose!



Since changing comps, I lost yer contact too. Hit me up with an ICQ or something or MSN. Any new material for us to check out too???
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yay gabe and alan! it seems all those years in the studio are finally starting to pay off. hopefully i'll see you boys tonight @ boa!

jus me

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Scroll down the article...

There's something on Chase! :D

I'm so happy for him! He's out almost every night of the week supporting local talent. ;) He deserves the exposure!

And of course....congrats to the Version crew!
I might be there tonite.
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