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Conan O`Brien coming to T.O


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I don`t know if anyone has posted this yet...

Fri, December 5, 2003

Conan sets T.O. nights

Conan O'Brien is indeed coming to Canada. A tentative deal has been reached to bring NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien to Toronto for four days of taping, Feb. 7-10.

The early February sweeps date works best for everybody, says Canada's Walk Of Fame founder Peter Soumalias, the driving force behind the event.

"Everyone from NBC's side -- from Conan, Lorne Michaels, (executive producer) Jeff Ross and everyone at the network level -- has been outstanding," Soumalias said yesterday. "We couldn't ask for more co-operation."

The venue for the event appears to be the historic Elgin Theatre, across Yonge St from the Eaton Centre. Originally a vaudeville house, the 90-year-old facility seats more than 2,000.

On Nov. 6 The Sun was first to report that O'Brien's people were interested in shooting a week's worth of shows in Toronto. Five days later, The Sun spotted O'Brien himself scouting venues with executive producer Ross.

O'Brien has been tentatively booked to return to Toronto for a Dec. 15 press conference.

Big Cheese

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this i want to be @, fo shizzy :^)

read about this in time 'er something 'er other and i was waiting until i heard about it in the canadian media, read it in the sun, haven't heard since...

heard on the morning show on 102.1 today

confirmed on tribe.... :)

we really ought to get a bunch of us together and get tix for this



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Oh man, I NEED to go to this but figure tickets will be hard to come by. People who know people will probably snag them all.


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I can get tickets for everyone, me and Connan go way back....

I just wanted to get Malglo in a tent alone with me thats all... :p