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Computer eyeglasses for protection from high-energy blue light


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Do any of you wear those special eyeglasses to block high-energy blue light, UV and glare?

I know the blue light frequencies emitted by phones, tvs, and computer monitors is hazardous to your eyes over time. I spend a lot of time in front of monitors and my eyes are already suffering form the UV exposure of my days as a kid outdoors. I am wondering whether eye protection, at this late a stage of adoption, is worth it.

I also wonder whether regular eyeglasses or reading glasses with uv coatings would be the same as the fancy purpose-made computer glasses, which seem to come in two colors - clear and amber....

Stop Bill C-10


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Thought about getting some of the gunnar branded ones. I don't wear glasses except to drive, but I am at a screen for 8-16 hours a day...it is definitely a concern.

glych t.anomaly

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also screens at work are adaptive in brightness, and our office has a ridiculous amount of ambient light, soooooo win win all around.


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We're not quite that fancy. My monitor is a handmedown from someone else. That said, 30" monitors aren't cheap...so I get it. I'm likely to ask my optometrist the next time I head for a checkup.
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