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Computer breaks


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I'm not really up tp date with computers. I was wondering what programs are good for makin' breaks and what kind of sound card I need?


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Since producing requires "patience" you are out of luck.


- Reason
- Sound Forge
- Recycle

justin surdit

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as per above, but i like cool edit pro for a wave editor over soundforge.
reason is a necessity - the total package.
recycle - standard issue, works beautifully with reason.

there are tons of software synths too.......

as for soundcards, soundblaster live will do you well to start up with.
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i fucking despise reason......i dont know why i just do....its too much of a package for me, too sterile, too much of something - i prefer various VST synths in cubase or real synths.....
id say essentials are

cool edit pro
cubase vst

<vst synths>
bojo impulse
tbl bassline
bojo organ one
ppg wave

<fx packs>
waves native bundles
blueline vst

there are others but these are the easiest to find and best in my opinion


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Fuck you little wankers and your faggy 'soft synth', cock breath, ass munching bullshit...

P.S Myagi sucks...pass it on :)


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Im with Simon on this one.
Altho i havent seen much of the computer programs used in front of me, Chillin with Simon has made me appreciate outboard gear.


justin surdit

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yes, outboard is the way to go, but the topic of the thread was a question regarding comp progs, not outbard shizza - nothing beats a nice analouge, but again, the responses were geared to the question at hand, and you should keep that in mind when posting responses.

time to go to bed and try to sleep of the drunkies - have a feeling that it wont quite happen tonight.
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if outboard gear is as cheap as a bootleg copy of reason hook me up, If not shut the fuck up you rich little bastard!

Thanks for the input (except for Chuck)


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Yes Justin Surdit...you are correct my man. The question WAS 'what progs to use' BUT it would seem as though his admitted lack of knowledge about the subject of 'making breaks' may have forced his question to be ignorant to the fact that there are other, and IMO better, ways to make breaks. I read into the root of the question...'How do I make breaks'. I was simply stating my oninion and giving him another alternative depending upon how serious he is on making breaks. Definately keeping within the theme of the thread. I get so many emails every week from people asking me the same thing with little or no knowledge. I'm more than happy to answer them and help them the best I can. In fact, now I just copy and paste from other emails and customise it to their particular question. I find in most of these emails the common thread that they ask the same question as above but are really asking me 'how'. I list for them all kinds of different senerios from cost conscious through cost ridiculous.

The question: '...what programs are good for makin' breaks...'
My answer: (based on experience)-Don't use programs, use outboard gear
Hardly a hi-jack jonny you snot-nosed little diaper wearing beatch! :) but thanks for the support anyway!

Monkey: Suck my cleanly shaven balls you Michael Jordan-semi-retired-I'm out-I'm back in-I'm outtagain, catholic priest wanna be faggot, Maybe you could be rich like me if you used outboard gear to make beats :)


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just for the record. i didnt know we were talking about outboard gear, which is almost all i use.....as simon knows :)
vst shit is fun, but the reason why reason sucks my balls is that it requires no real knowlege of synthesis to sound good, unlike my baby, my roland sh7, which is a sexy beast and also a motherfucker to use.


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Paul Simon, I love you man.

And if gear is better for makin' breaks then you better start using it!

And if you want me to lick your balls, at least bring me a picture of your mom to jerk off too!


"Say your swears, and eat your banana's Brother!"
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Any Mealing on a computer is hard to believe. You better upgrade to a Commadore 64, because that software doesn't run on the tape drive of your Vic 20! :)

I'm suprised they've actually heard about computers up in Barrie! ;)