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Company golf tounaments


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Need advice...

So I'm in charge of organizing the thing and buying some sort of apparel that will help promote a sense of company spirit is a goal -i.e. everybody should be able to wear it during golf day so you can see a sea of us in our nifty apparel.

my problem is that I can't decide what to get. windshells, light jackets, shirts, etc? not everbody likes the zippy noise of nylon/polyester, not everybody likes pull overs, not everybody likes golf, etc.

I realize I can't please everybody especially with 120 employees so should I just bite the bullet and order something and fuck what people think?

It's golf day so I want something "golfy"... like a Ping windshell. But most brand name golf stuff don't come in women's sizing so I can't order something *just* for the guys and have something completely different for the women. The shirts that we've ordered in the past blew chunks (fit funny, too heavy, etc).

but on the other hand I can't really go out and order windshells cause it might be super hot and nobody will wear the damn things -in which case I'm not really promoting company spirit.

most shirts available either fit really nasty or just look plain ol fugged up. taking a poll wouldn't prove very productive either since you have 120 people to cater to.

I dunno, what would you do?
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T-shirt and hat would be the cheap way to do it.

That's what our company has done for group functions before.

Plus your company may have a deal with a local business to already make the shit.

See you on Friday Wilson.


The Tesseract

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You can't go wrong with Knickerbockers and Tam O'Shanter hats for prizes.

oh! and argyle socks.
You gotta have the argyle socks.
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go w/ the golf shirts
get a company logo printed golf ball sleeve w/ a few balls and tees as well - we have those @ work