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Company email forwarding on Android


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Hi guys,

So I decided on Android and switched over from my BB Torch to Nexus 4. So far I'm loving it (aside from the lack of manual USB access to files).

BUT I have a question for you guys: On my BlackBerry I was able to provide my blackberry email address to my work and they went into the server and set it up to forward to my BB address. When I replied to that email it would send it as my work email and no my BB address.

Now with the Nexus I have provided a Gmail address for them to link my work address to and I'm receiving work emails fine but when I reply my phone wants to send from my gmail account and not my work account.

Our office is too small to have an IT person so here I am.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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If your company runs an Exchange server for email (99% likely) you can respond / send from your work email address using an app like Moxier or Touchdown without using Gmail.

If you dislike the manual USB access to files you can change this usually through clicking the menu button while in Storage and changing to USB mass storage mode. If it's node available (should be given it's a Nexus) you can try using a custom ROM.


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If exchange is in play with activesync, you can also use the native app for email. It's not as full featured as touchdown, but it works for me.

Got Office 365 for my business last year and have had the email on my phone since then...but I'm too cheap to lay out the money for touchdown.
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