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Company Appreciation


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So my company does something to show their appreciations for their employees once a month. Today we get breakfast, lunch and massage therapists for a half hour each, they've cleared out the board room and have 3 massage therapists doing their thing....which is nice and relaxing...but keep in mind you're still in an office setting....

so i just walk by the board room and i'm approaching and i hear this noise coming from this old larger chick so i look in and she's has taken off her shirt and is wearing this half shirt/tube top thing and she's MOANING like i'm talking i'm getting sex that i haven't had in months and i have to groan really loud moaning and she's going YES YES right there. so now there'sa crowd standing outside the room listening. Yay thursday.:eek:
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I think you guys should start a moaning contest
See which one has the loudest, most original
winner gets a membership to Adults Only Video store

Now there's company appreciation!