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Community CSX-S2 Loudspeakers


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I have decided to part with my Community speakers, the only reason being that there is other gear i need more than a pair of wicked loud pro speakers.

i got them in lieu of DJ payment from Drop Zone. They were used there for about 2 months untill their new system was installed and then they were stored. They have been used as part of my home theater system - and i have not even come close to playing them at their rated power handling.


the documentation for them:

CSX-S2 Sepcifications

CSX Manual

i am selling them for $500 firm.
I am confident anyone who looks these up will see that they are getting a steal here.

If you are interested - email me at soundsofsugoi@hotmail.com

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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what a great deal. If i had an extra $500 kicking around i would grab these in a second.


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both links are dead

it would also be nice to know the exact model of the speakers - there are many different models to the CSX S2 series
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