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Communicate Fridays are back!!!!


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Good 'ole beats from the boys!!!!

Much drunkenness!!!

Word up to 'hooker' who was the highlight of the night Nothin' but sweet baselines!!!:) Timmy P was rockin', but Myka was a little dissapoining.

Keep up the good work (read: booooooooozing!!!!)



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I wasn't planning on going out but thank god I did. Myka was awesome and I actually thought he was playing better and harder. Myka rocks. And he will again this Friday and Saturday at Systems.

Don't listen to that Myka, you rule.

Awesome party and because of you, I always have fun.

Smiley Jo

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^^^ FYI, Matt is one of the crew who goes to Element to see the guys on a pretty regular basis.
When you see a resident DJ so frequently, there are bound to be some nights where he just doesn't do it for you.
So if he says Myka was disappointing on this particular night, I don't think you need to take such offence.

Cuz we all know Myka rocks, he's part of the reason we keep going back...



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^^^Word Jo! Myka just wasn't doin' anything for me on this particular evening. He very seldomly dissappoints.

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I had a great time when Myka was playing...both him & Tim rocked it!!! But I wasn't feeling S+H, but again that's just my opinion.