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Communicate @ Element - Friday Nov 17


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Since none of y'all were there I'll do the reviewing thank you very much

headwinds and I ventured to System to attempt a guestlist coup, but it was not to be and reduced was alas, $15 more than we could afford. So we legged it to Element and made it in time for $5 cover.

Element was chill to begin with, it was the earliest I've ever been there and downstairs was not yet open, had a few drinks before, had a few inside, killed it on the dancefloor. I swear the girls have never ever been friendlier at Element (I'm serious!). Futronic showed up around sometin-o'clock and we made for downstairs.

The downstairs guy, not idea whom, was dropping some dirty-nasty tracks and Mister JayFutronicMan was busting it like I've never seen.

It was a great night, little emptier than usual but it was the ideal crowd size, not hot at all downstairs. On the walk home I was pleasantly surprised to see KUMI!!
Which made my night!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJ MONKEY:
That was S+H who dropped the funky, hard and dirty House.

Fun Night!

gee...I wonder who could hook up a opening dj downstairs who could spin some breaks, and maybe mix in a little dirty house of his own until the big guns hit the decks....hmmm...monkey you growing out your fro?

echootje...nice review...and ta think you tried to drag me to system! I have no idea who danny fouls is....but Stretch&Hoooker are fuckin ace! I was only slightly disappointed not to get an encore even after a brayed like an ass for one more!!!
The CD definitely made up it ...thank you very much!!!!!!!!!


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Sounds like another fun night at good 'ol ELEMENT. The boys always hold it down on a Friday. Sorry I missed this one. However, I think some bombs are gonna be dropped this Friday.

poker face

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I might have to skip over to Element this friday also once again to check out Barry Weaver and the lifeforce crew!!!!
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