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Comfort & Joy


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Well a trance expo it was.

Man, Steevo never dissapoints. It was full, but still enough room to dance, good music, and alot of familiar faces. And alot of lovely ladies!

I honestly think these Comfort & Joy parties are the most epic of all small parties.

Well good Job Steevo, and to everyone else who was part of it.

See you at the next one


Cheer Bear

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Originally posted by twitch:
I honestly think these Comfort & Joy parties are the most epic of all small parties.
I totally agree. Steevo has got a good thing going.

I didn't stay long, but I had fun. Saw lots of familiar faces.

Pete's set was great, considering it was the only one I heard.

ahaha....i'm sorry I missed Jory (again - its becoming a habit! GIVE THIS MAN BETTER TIMESLOTS FER GODS SAKES!)

but....I was forced to leave

perhaps next time i'll stay


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As it usually happens, the best parties are usually those for which one has no defined expectations. And then fuking BOOM!!!, a REAL PARTY. By far the best C&J yet. A good combination of an intimate (yes, i know the word is abused as of late) venue, up for it crowd, and fantastic music, no gimmics or themes. Must not forget friends inside..

Therapist was OFF THE FUKING HOOK! Since he started spinning I might have missed only about two handfuls of his sets, so I know very well what he's capable of, but you should have seen him last night! A white therapist coat went on and the session was in progress. Technical tricks pulled out of his ass like it ain't no thing, a superb combo of hard and high energy trance with a dash of nu-nrg and the crowd was bouncing off the walls!!! It was spectacular. One of his best performances ever, without a doubt...W-O-R-D!

So I says to my self, "I'd hate to be a dj going after a set like that". But Pharmakon made it look easy. Hard German trance, once again mixed with some british energy tunes and and the party goes on. Smooth mixing and a nice progression were the strongest aspect of this steevo's set. Spinning all the tunes from the top of my playlist didn't hurt either. Crowd continued to go balistic with every new hard beat ripping through the p.a.

I left after those two sets and I missed the earlier ones, but I really, really enjoyed my 4 hours at Area 51 - I expect no less of the next one. Word to all of my and Mike's friends, as always it's you that make any outing worthwhile in my old age
and cheers to all the partiers inside...T'was SWEEEEET!

Ditto Much

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Solid little party, I had a great time by far one of my favorite small parties. Comfy without being crowded no negative atitudes, people dancing from the beginning untill the end what can be said that hasn't already been said.

What a party indeed - definately the best C'n'J party ever. I truly believe there are better and bigger things for you in the future, congrats! Many thanx for having me play for you yet again!
As for the crowd - AMAZING - I had an absolute blast spinning for You guys last night... I think we all had some fun - the way you responded was awesome...
Steevo - U played some killa tracks dude all well mixed, I'm sorry I played some of the ones You had planned to play...

Maximum respect to the Polish Kru who came all-out, as well as to all my other friends that filled Area 51 last night! And special thanx to AT-AT for being there as usual in support...
I just wish someone would have gotten me a beer b4 the last call... dammit!

All in all - sweet people + great venue + good music + cool decor + responsible organizers = C'n'J - 100% Therapist approved!
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wish i could have stayed for a bit more, but shit it wasnt that bad, and also i should ahve brought more money for booze, even though i was gettin pretty sick already.