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Come On Raps


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- 11 point lead at halftime!
- raps are shooting 63%
- alvin williams and davis on fucking point tonight
- acc going buckwild
- stackhouse NOT on point tonight
- i am going to lose my mind tonight!!


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Raptors live by the jump shot
and most likely they will die by it
they never hit there shots all game long


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when mopete's on point, the energy of the whole team doubles.

am i the only one that sees this? quite possibly.

i'm gonna go celebrate like there's no tomorrow!!
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antonio davis I love you! RAPTORS I LOVE YOU!! Fuck You Naysayers, we brought the ruckus!!!!


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Originally posted by Libradragon
man, you guys need to BELIEVE!!!

we're going to game 4! one step at a time!!

raptor 4 life. forever.

respect! :D

great game tonight! antonio davis is a fucking barbarian!

like libra said, one game at a time.

they can do it!

let's hope chris childs didn't fuck up his finger. clutch three in the dying minutes!


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great game, the energy in the ACC was more electric than any sporting event or rave I have ever attended!

can't wait till Monday, see you in section 121 or 103.
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yeah, what a game...i was fortunate enough to attend my first ever raptors playoff game tonight...the building was rockin, at halftime they had the nike trick squad & as noted already the almighty eh Dee was on fire...keon had a sweet sweet dunk...davis was power slammin down everywhere...chris childs was in total control...good defence & hustle by jyd...got a little close in the 4th, but the raptors pulled away for a comfortable win...i'm thinking game 5 in detroit for all the marbles...

& although i would have a tough time justifying the ticket cost, it was well worth it tonight...



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I take full responsibility for this great win. I was channeling all my positive energy towards these guys. :)

BS aside, that was simply an amazing game. Precisely how a team should play. Just when you thought the Pistons were making a run near the end the Raps SHUT 'EM DOWN! Way to go boys. Playoff basketball rocks!

Now if only the Toronto fans were louder


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It's all about ANTHONY Davis :)

All 5 Raptors starters had double digit scoring numbers and their intensity on defense was incredible. This game would have been a blowout but for some crazy three point shooting by Atkins, Barry [some has to start a BALLLLLLLLDY chant at Game 4....that guy is a prick] and Jones.

AD, what can you say? He was a warrior last night.

Can the Raptors continue to feed off the incredible energy from their fans? Can they maintain that same defensive intensity? Will they be able to neutralize Stackhouse again?

If they win tomorrow night, a road trip to Auburn Hills will be booked for Thursday night :)


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Originally posted by Che
Now if only the Toronto fans were louder

What chu talkin' about man?
We've got the loudest fans this side of Arco Arena!!

I can't wait till Monday...I'm gonna start "JEEEEEEERRRRRYYYY" or "BEEEEEERRRRYY" chants!
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