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Colour Printer for a home office ?

Bernnie Federko

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Are these things generally all about the same as far as off the shelf quality?

A friend is asking me, except I haven't owned a printer since university.

The Ask is is for normal colour scanning/printing, wireless a plus, and can be filled with cheap cheap ink cartridges...
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What is he printing?

I had colour inkjet, but because we only printed a page every month or so, the cartridge would dry out. Inkjet cartridges are always expensive. The cartridges subsidse the printer becuase they know you'll be forking over tons of dough over the life of that money-sucking machine.

We tossed it for colour laser, which never goes dry. It's more expensive in the initial cost but worth it over time. If it's mostly text, just get black. You can order high-quality paper photos online.


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Ok, way cheaper than I thought. I paid close to $500 seven years ago and my machine still works fine. It's HP. This one is $250:

mfp m177fw | Staples®

I find in general that buying from Staples is always better than Best Buy. Because they deal with business clients behind the scenes, it leaves their floor staff more time to deal with you. Better prices, too.


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staples > best buy for printers. always has been, always will be. best buy has $150 garbage for dorm rooms...staples has legit printers that are designed to be ridden hard and put away wet

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Staples is a rip off when it comes to replacing OEM ink. They want $130 for 130ml cartridge where everywhere else is $99.
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