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Cologne - not the city


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I always found it strange, that places would announce themselves "scent free" -- because you wouldn't know to not wear cologne unless you had already been there!

My workplace is officially "scent free" (oh but you can bring your dog in..)

So when the team from Brazil comes in every once in a while, and they smell fantastic, I'm reminded of how awesome cologne is. It comes in so many varieties too.

Are people really, like really allergic to perfumes and cologne? I thought allergies are only possible against proteins -- and cologne does not contain proteins.

What about out on a date? If your date is wearing perfume or cologne is that a turn on or a turn off?

Personally, I prefer a small dose of cologne. Smell is a very powerful sense. Done correctly it can make or break a wide variety of experiences.

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depending on your job, perfume / cologne free can ( and should ) be mandatory.
If you feel the need to wear either before you go to work, you should have showered.


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I worked with a woman who had severe asthma triggers to various perfumes, cleaning agents, and cigarette smoke - it can be pretty intense when she has an acute reaction.

Although I wanted to be sensitive to her health concerns, I refuse to participate if I cannot apply the appropriate amounts of scented hairspray to achieve coiffurary perfection.


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I had a coworker that also had serious reactions to strong perfume products. I personally just have strong reactions to bad BO.

Too much perfume or cologne is bad, and it can be *almost as offending as bad BO. A shower & deodorant is the bare minimum and 95% of the time all that's required. Some aftershave cream provides a more subtle scent and that's all that is necessary.
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