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College, University or Nothing

Magnolia Fan

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Just wondering what people think about the post high-school choices. To me, each has its advantages and disadvantages. I'm in university cuz I want to learn useless but interesting things that will amount to nothing unless I follow it with some sort of post graduation college. I know some people who went to college because they get the kind of hands on education they like, and I know some people who just went straight from high school into the workforce. We can't claim to each other that one choice is better than the other, but sometimes it provokes interesting debates...

Anybody have anything to say on the subject or will this thread follow the fate of all my others and meet a quick death?


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Temper Tantrum

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I'm in university and not college because I had no idea what I wanted to do when I made the choice, and a BA may be overated but it is -something- ...and I love learning, and the concept of being able to CHOOSE what I learn....All in all it's a great life ;) and you get great summer holidays. I'm going to hide from the real world in school and travelling as long as possible.



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Try them all!

College is best for some, Uni for others, and work for the rest.
Sometimes people don't know what's better for them until they try it.

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although people dont like to admit it there is a direct relationship between the level of education one has and the income they will later earn. Mind you this is not to say there are not outliers to this trend. it is true that some university educated gradutes don't do anything afterwards and don't make much money. conversly some college kids are very motivated and make excellent money. however the over all trend is that those with a univeristy education will make more money in the long run. Although this might not occur necessarily upun gradutation. it is true that many college educated students will earn more in the first couple years of graduation than university students. however there is generally a cap on how far college level students can rise up the corporate ladder. many bussiness want a degree even for even entry level positions. additionaly there are problems with college and relocation. persons with college educations have difficulties in being employed abroad. Mind you this is not to say that there is not many difficulties with nations not recognizing forign degrees( canada espeacially). However on the whole most nations are more willing to allow immigrants with at least a bacholors as opposed to a diploma.
hope this helps
back to studying


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wierd apparently my university has out smarted the tribe board. I came over to computer and it was turned off and yet for some reason i am logged in as deus and yet i am swilly. interesting indeed


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Education should have everything to do with improving your understanding of yourself and your surroundings (including other people) and should not be arbitrarily associated with "making money".

If you are learning something to help you improve at a particular task, then I would call it 'training', not education. Education usually doesn't, and never needs, to have anything to do with practicality.

If the reason you are going to University is (was) to make more money, then somethign went wrong with you (probably not your fault).



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I feel pretty lucky in the sense that by grade 10 I knew I'd be going to university, and by the time I went, I knew what I wanted to do for my undergrad.

I do agree that some university programs seem useless, and probably will not get you a stellar job unless you follow it with some post-grad - whether it be more college, or another few years of university. But there are university programs that give you real skills for the job market....you just have to examine them carefully. I'm in business and I feel like I've learned SO much that I will use on the job. But getting into this prorgram was extremely challenging and it's pretty expensive. (for an undergrad) But I feel it's worth it.

I think if you can find a university program that gives you real skills, you're set! they make be harder to find...but they are out there. :)



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I went to university with the intentions of taking english, after taking three courses, i realized this was not for me, and am now in my third year taking social work/sociology and minoring in psychology. I am going to a liberal arts school, which means that the school forces the student to take a number of courses in biology, french, religious studies, and math. So although my studies are not as focused, i am receiving a broad base of knowledge from which i will go on to get my MSW.
Its not so much that i like it, i just feel that it is required to raise my chances of not landing on welfare.
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Cheer Bear

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I graduate highschool this year.

I decided not to apply for college this coming September.


Because I want to work, save some cash, and chill, and not worry about studies for one year of my life.

It's been hell for me to get where I am, and I want to be able to enjoy the freedom for awhile.


But I will apply for 2003, and I will be turning 21. Maybe I'll go to the States. ;)

Cheer Bear

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And I guess I'm lucky in the fact that I know what I want to do with my life...so it won't be too hard choosing what program i want into for school...etc.

I'm just taking it slow...and enjoying the ride.

I'm thinking about buying a car too, and anyone that knows me knows I HATE cars.



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I went to University for one year right after high school and I really did not enjoy it. I think it's great only if you know exactly what you want to do and you know you have to go to university, otherwise, it's a waste of time - or at least it was for me. But then again I realized what I DIDN'T want to do, so I suppose I did learn from it!

For me, college has been great. I found it less impersonal and fun, really. I think much has to do with the fact that I really enjoy what I'm learning, but for me, going to school right now isn't such a chore.

I'm graduating in April though and I too will be hiding from the 'real world' at school for at least 2 more semesters. I don't want to 'grow up' just yet and I would like to learn a few more things before I'm done with school.


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i graduate this year and im heading for post secondary.

im not sure what it is though, cause they're in the process of obtaining university status. yet to apply for said college one has to do it through university forms.


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