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College & Bathurst Coachouse for Rent


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Hey Gang. We are looking for someone to take over our lease (runs until September 1st, but you can always renew with the landlord to stay on if you wish).

It's a pretty awesome pad. It's a detached coach house, only a few steps away from the Euclid & College Streetcar stop, and all the awesomeness that is College St and Little Italy. You can see the LCBO docking door from the bedroom window. It's a fantastic location.

The unit is about 550sq feet, not including the loft bedroom which covers about half of the pad. The place is very open concept. The ceilings are 20ft high, and there are 7 windows which allow for great sunlight during the day. We've easily fit 40 people in the pad for a few parties, and the open concept space can really give you a chance to be creative.

Bathroom has a clawfoot tub for those who like to soak, and is completely tiled (including half way up the wall), so easy to keep clean.

Landlord is absolutely awesome. he lives on site, but he's super chill, and likes to have tennants that are't afraid to say hello to him while he's doing his crosswords. There's coin laundry available in the basement of his building, so it's not on suite, but close by.

Rent is 1130/mo, with Hydro, Heating and A/C included.

PM me for further info, or if you'd like to come by and see it.


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(We really hate to have to give it up. We wanted to stay here a while, but it's quite a trek for my fiances job situation, so we're making the move up north)


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are pets allowed? My friends need a new place as their landlord wants their unit for his daughter to move in....
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Landlord lives on site, but it's not attached to his building as its a coach house.

His Lease is very simple, and only states his approval is required first. he's so easy going that it's not realyl a problem (we have two cats and a chiweenie)
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