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Collection Agencies


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Help please...

Got a letter today from Bell Sympatico saying they are forwarding my account to a collection agency to get the $230 I owe them.

I moved last July and moved phone and cancelled Sympatico on their web-site at the same time. Then it took me 4 months to get them to send me their stickers so I could send them their modem. After that , I get billed for everything after July.
I thought we had everything resolved after the last phone call , but now I get this letter.

Just wondering what to expect next ?


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expect a visit from


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Originally posted by labRat
yes. emilio estevez is my hero.

did you return the modem?

True , modem got returned about 3 days after I got the stickers.
The real kicker here is I got NO proof of cancellation since my hard-drive crapped out right after I moved.
SO , all the time I was trying to get their modem back to them , they were still billing me. I asked them about the usage and they confirmed it was ZERO , but that didnt seem to impress them either. I hate to pay $$$ for a service I did not use and know I cancelled. And yeah , I know I should have printed out the work order , but it was way down on the list of things to do when you move.

Anyway , its my war now , I just wanna know what to expect.
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Listen. If you mailed it then 1 of two things happened

1. Post Office lost it
2. Sympatico lost it

I am assuming you have no reciept any longer.

I work for Bell. This type of thing happens. If you get no play, the front of your phone book has the number for the office of the V.P.. it's called the center of consumer relations. Call them. You should never pay for something when you returned it by the only suggested method the company provides.

If that gets straightened out, then make sure they follow up to clear your credit rating of this. Most people that handle this stuff are human, and need a kick in the pants to remind them that their oversights can gratly affect people's pivate livlihood.

Goodluck. If you sent it, then it must get cleared, plain and simple.


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Originally posted by JEMZ

Goodluck. If you sent it, then it must get cleared, plain and simple.

I will try one more phone call , but am NOT holding my breath.
Service was cancelled on their web-site , or so I thought....


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just got off the phone.

" sorry Sir , all out computers are down , I will have my Manager call you tomorrow. "

Excuse me while I go outside and scream.u:mad:


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moose-meat, keep at them... don't let it slip out of frustration. something as small as this can really fuck with your credit but if you keep at it and treat the customer service reps firmly but kindly you should be able to get it resolved.

good luck :)
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