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*Collectible Sport Cards For Sale*

Musical Rush

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I have over 30,000 cards that I'm looking to sell.They're mostly Baseball and Hockey with a few binders of Basketball and Football.The years range from 1985 to 1999 .I'm asking $2000 for the whole thing O.B.O .(lots of Rookies)

Either PM me on here, or for the others who can't PM me on this board you can E-Mail me at Hardtrance69@hotmail.com

I live in the East end of Scarborough,I'm willing to deliver the cards to you if you're within 1 hr of the Toronto Zoo.

I'm looking to sell everything at 1 shot,no individual sales.

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Originally posted by Musical Rush
I don't own a credit card(they're evil),you need one in order to register.(thanks for the idea though)

i don't have one neither, and i'm a member ....
there is an option where they offer something else to refer or so instead of credict card...
or try to process the imformation without credit card info...
i think that's what i did...

It does work...

I'm the happy owner of a pioneer headphones that i bought on ebay...


good luck


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What are the condition of the cards?
What companies?
Which rookies?
Complete sets?
Approximatly how many hockey compared to baseball?
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Musical Rush

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What are the condition of the cards?...They're all mint condition

What companies?Upperdeck,Donruss,Topps,Score,Parkhurst,Leaf,O-Pee-Chee,Bowman,Pacific,Pinnacle,Stadium club,Fleer Ultra

Which rookies?I wouldn't know where to start,pretty much anybody you can think of from 1987 to 1995..I know I don't have a Bonds,McGuire,Griffey rookie

Complete sets?......28

Approximatly how many hockey compared to baseball?.....pretty much 50 - 50


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Do people still buy sports cards? I should sell some of my old ones. Bobby Orr, Clark, Espisito, etc. Full rookie sets from 30 years ago and on.

Musical Rush

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There's a big show coming up in April I think the address is 6900 Airport RD,you could take them up there ,sell them to the dealers.Or there's a few stores around you could try them.

JB Sporting Store (Victoria park and Lawerence right beside that burger place on the South East Corner.)

Another place in the Warden and Sheppard shopping mall.

Or just sell them on E-Bay,the americans still go nuts over good cards.Example Lebron James 1 of 1 card $9000.:eek: