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Colin Quinn show


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Saw the show for the first time.
A bunch of guys playing New Yorkers from different ethnic backgrounds who insult each other and discuss issues. Vulgar, racist, homophobic and occasionally funny. Sure a joke is a joke but some of it was just too much. The schtik got real old quick. I had to turn it off when they started doing skits. It just got too stupid. I doubt I'll watch it again. I can see this show being popular though.

Example of one of the jokes. When I'm on a plane and I see an Arab guy next to me, I get off. Yeah, I may be a bigot. A LIVE bigot.

Have sitcoms and comedy shows gotten too tame? Is this type of show reflective of what the North American television audience needs and wants? Is it a reponse to (i fucking hate saying this ) 9/11.