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Guess I'll start the review.

Well, it was a long time coming for me. I remember recording coldcut videos off of R U Recieving and transfering them to tape when I was wee sprite of lad. I was thoroughly impressed. They ran the whole gambit of genres, blending everything. These are the exhibitions I enjoy and it totally was an exhibition. Stimulating not only audiably but visually. The video scratch effect really worked well. Course there were some technical difficults, there always are but who gives a crap... I got to see coldcut's laptop desktop, hurray! woot! My mind was still blown. the pure noise power was terrific, so many toys they had that I wanted... gimme gimme gimme.

Opera House sucks, no point rehashing. I danced like a nut. I saw Vadim with Blu Rum 13 two years ago in peterborough in the Blue Room above the Trasheteria with about 20 other people. Its great to see him in a large venue where people actually know him. His little imp girl mc was great too, I recognize her but dunno from where. I liked her little hat dealy, hahaha.

The two I came in on, forget their name/zee knows them, were great too... mixing U2 with 50 cent, amoung other things, I liked it. Good music to buy beer to and wait for Coldcut.

Coldcuts set was what I expected. glad they played their hits and some new stuff. I guess with these two (and their two sidekicks) each set is different cause their professional noodlers... they noodle and glitch it up just to impress us. And I was impressed. Glad they just used the mc to work the crowd into introductions and used prerecorded visual/audios of their vocal tracks. neato, jose, neato.

so yeah. a group I've been curious about since I was fourteen came, their more beats and pieces off of let is replay was pretty much the tune that led me to try djing (and fail, but it was fun!). Its full circle. and I'm content.

Some guy asked me what part of europe i was from. I guess I have an accent. wierd. Sean's friend Adam is wicked nice and knows hot girls, which makes him tip top in my book. Sachim and girlfriend, Kait, Zee, Adam and Shelina were some of the friendly faces in the crowd. Saw AlexD bobbing and weaving with his camera and hat, looked sorta like a fifties reporter hot on a scoop.

all in all a full night of fun. I'm sorta numbed by the experience, I don't think its set in that I saw coldcut. sorta blown away and the nerve endings haven't picked up yet.

wow. thats all I can say. wow.


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Awesome, awesome show. Blockhead's the group that were mixing U2 with Fiddy, and dropping a bunch of awesome beats throughout. We only caught the end of their set but what we saw was a great start to the night.

Vadim/ were pretty good, but the vocals weren't carrying well up to the balcony where we were. It sounded like both the vocalists had a good flow and definitely kept the energy up. It was a good complement to Vadim's minimalist sounds. Vadim did tease us too, dropping a short bit of "Terrorist" which got the Ninja Tune heads into it.

Then, Coldcut. Holy shit, these guys started off rough and took you for a ride. The visual mixing really added a lot to the show, just stunning (once they worked the kinks out, which didn't take long).

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the guys drop some serious DNB right at the beginning. I've never been to a Hulla party, but standing on the Opera House balcony while a sea of people below you just GO OFF all at once to a beat like that is an incomparable sight.

They did a bunch of stuff from the new album too, including 'Man In a Garage', which brough the crowd down from the frenzy, and like Chris said, a bunch of their hits like "Paid In Full" and "More Beats..."

All in all, a sick show. Nice to see Chris and Kait, caught glimpses of Alex D and, I think, Hipsterave.


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Increadible. Show of the year for me (yeah it's only May but I would be damn lucky to see something better than that for a long time).

My throat is hoarse from cheering.

Came in for the last 15 minutes of blockhead's set. Liked what they were playing , good crowd warm up.

I hadn't heard of One Self before last night but was pleasantly surprised when they turned it into a hip hop show. The MCs were tight - I could have used a bit more volume on their set though, it seemed a bit quiet right down in the middle of the crowd.

No such problems when Coldcut came on - they cranked it up and blew me away. The jungle track & corresponding visuals was siiiick. Everything they did was awesome. You know it's a good party when you spill out into the street and everyone is grinning, hooting and hollering :)

Can't wait to see them again.

poker face

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The last time I saw Colcut was in the same place about ten years ago. I thought that with all the VDJ technology that has came out since then that I was going to see some ground breaking shit. I did see some cool stuff but nothing that blew my mind apart.
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glych t.anomaly

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signify was awesome that guy can mix it up !

blockhead did a really dope ass set it was funny i didnt think he would look like he does which was hilarious to me.

oneself were great, lots of energy, vadim was fantastic as usual, yara brava is soo fucking small its odd man, but shes got enough attitude to fill a continent. Blu Rum aka platapus as always is amazing, fuck he tossed down\

but cold cut did what they do best, they played from a spectrum most artists wish they could. as far back as atomic moog 2000, the most fucking bad ass beats i have heard in fucking years, im still speechless from last, thoroughly fucking impressed.

it was good to meet you kalemic[ sean ] had a fucking wikkid time seeing ma peeps, and old friends, danced my ass, chinese at ROL SAN afterwaurds was amazing, I <3 almond chicken...

goddamn , what a fucking night !

more to add when i am more able to do so...

and i HATE THE LITTLE blond curly hair dood that was giving the finger to yara and blu rum, yelling it should only be vadim, and the two fucking drunk cunty whorebags, that were AIR SCRATCHING at the front that were oblivious to all things goin on around them cuz they posess the collective intelligence of drain babies [ spooge in the drain ]

fucking this set HAS TO POST ONLINE !



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I am a big fan of Coldcut's studio material but I thought last night was pretty weak. Soundin' more like hip hop for white folk than anything else... Off key vocals in out of tune PA's. Never the less, people near the front of the stage seemed top be enjoying themselves.


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Blockhead played some good beats, and I thoughly enjoyed his set.

Coldcut were amazing with mashing up, scratching, sampling and visuals... I don't like Sound Mirrors very much and a couple of the tunes they off of that were "so-so" for me. That jungle bit was PHENOMINAL, some of the best beats I have heard in a long time.

The "You are here" bit and the zoom in from outer space down to a live shot of the crowd was pretty cool.

One complaint, I don't think they should have stopped between tunes, made it feel more like a rock show than anything... it kinda killed my groove at times... Whereas Chemical Brothers live, would just perform like it was a set, but of their own stuff. That would have made the show so much better.

Otherwise, a great night that I throughly enjoyed. :)

Barrie Breaker

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Blockhead was awesome as warmup-drinking-&-meeting-old-friends-music. Would definitely go out to hear again!

One-Self, from the ashes of the Russian-Percussion tour group. Didn't sound as well rehersed as i would have imagined considering they've been touring for at least 5 years now in simliar incarnations. Nice that we got a taste of TerrorIST and enjoyed Blu 13's Obvious...too bad he didn't play more of his humourous tracks. Blu Rum's nasaly-blunted flow sounds best when it's making us laugh.

The daddies were back in town! I've seen them 3 times now and agree with poker face that with all the advancement in live video manipulation, i was expecting more. That was my only complaint. ACDC and Hendrix clips were nice!

Track selection was great in my opinion, a mix of tracks from Sound Mirrors and some of their classics. Too bad no Natural Rythm tho.
Timber was fine but makes me wanna go drinking with Wayne Gretzky and wrap my built-for-canada Fusion around a telephone pole.

Paid-in-Full 7 minutes of madness --- this was the shit! Encore to end all. Silly drunken dancing for all!!!! :) :) :)

Shawna & PB
(mostly PB)


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Ninja_Breaker said:
That jungle bit was PHENOMINAL, some of the best beats I have heard in a long time.
agreed, that was wicked. In fact the whoel night was a real blast, blockhead was the perfect warmup, didn't pay too much attention to one self but they seemed alright. Coldcut was very cool, i had never seen them before and was pretty impressed by the video stuff they were doing - really want to check out that VJAMM software.

was a nice surprise seeing lee, matt, sean (keep running with those scissors) - jager shots kept the belly warm
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despite an absolutely horrible Opera House staff, the show was gooood times

ahhhh i love blockhead even more now

overall, coldcut were fantastic
it was my first time seeing them live and i was totally impressed by all the visuals
and i lost my shit when coldcut played the jungle bit and 'true skool' at the very end


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Had a great night out.

Blockhead was great... Awesome way to start out a good night. They were throwing down some neat mixes, and I was highly impressed.

Coldcut - wow. From the first track they played which for me was incredibly sexy, and right through to the end tracks, they had my full attention. The scratch software/visuals/imaging were neat to watch and the tunes kept me dancing. So worth it.

Was great to run into Lee, and also Sean - next time I will pick out a nicer shot for the tummy :)

Cheers to a wicked Friday night.


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zee said:
an absolutely horrible Opera House staff
Did you see one guy yelling extremely obnoxious comments right as you were walking out the door? I don't even know if he was staff, but I wanted to dickpunch that guy.

Who else was awful?
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Flashy_McFlash said:
Who else was awful?
I went out to use the washroom and upon trying to get back in to the main floor I was told the front section was closed. They apparantly got busted by the Liquor Board for being over capacity. The bouncers were very rude, and I was very rude in return.

One of the female bouncers rudely explained that it wasn't their fault, to which I explained that it was in fact entirely their fault. In her defense, when I casually mentioned in delicate, gentlemanly terms that perhaps they should learn how to properly run a club, she did direct me to the owner who was in the lobby. Eventually I waited them out and was able to sneak back in to the front section, which by that point was half-empty.

Lest my review only be negative, the show was great. I hadn't seen Coldcut before, so the video mixing was new to me and worked well. Having the guest vocalists appear on the video screen was fantastic. The segment with C3P0 was particuarly awesome too. Definitely the most diverse show I've seen in a long time, and when they dropped the jungle tune the place exploded.
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I had a great night out..... drank a little too much, danced a bit, saw a bunch of old friends.
I loved Coldcuts set, although I did expect a little more.
'Revolution' always gets me movin' (does anyone know if the sample (the lunitics have taken over...) off that track is actually Tony Blair??)

Sinister Shadow

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Great night... great music.

I think the reviews here that say there has been no progress on the video side or technically are a bit harsh.

What did you want to see? 4 screens instead of 2? Layers of video? I agree coldcut shocked us back in the day with the technology. But what I saw (and what I hear) are clear changes in the direction coldcut has gone. Once the king of samples, the new album is the king of raw cuts.

I can't be sure, but the album versions of the songs played looked like the singers did one take for the songs. No loops, no cuts, no editing. Absolutely NO ONE does this any more. No one takes a single run at a studio album. But they seem to have done just that for all the tracks.

The feeling with all the guest singers superimposed on the wall was of pure raw talent. They weren't pretty people singing into pretty machines and photographed under perfect lights. They were people singing from the soul and heart in a raw studio atmosphere.

Bring that and match it with the complete opposite, coldcuts resampled world of beats and you have a clash of worlds that in my opinion was incredible.

As for the opera house and the staff? They didn't oversell. The balcony was practically empty. I've been to plenty a party there that has been far worse than this. Richie Hawtin 2 years back by "The Hump". Every single hulla EVER. Yes... the opera house is a crumby venue with second rate sound. You should know that going in. Kick back... enjoy the show.


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all those who 'expected more' out of coldcut should suck it up. who else does a dj/vj/pa set that is hotter than that? please post me a link. they fucking owned it. sure they were doing it ten years ago, but they're still rocking it hard. i've seen a lot of shows in my day and i sure wasn't complaining.

and yes, that sample IS actually tony blair. you can download it, and tons more at www.revusa.net vj sample heaven!



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DaPhatConductor said:
all those who 'expected more' out of coldcut should suck it up. who else does a dj/vj/pa set that is hotter than that? please post me a link. they fucking owned it. sure they were doing it ten years ago, but they're still rocking it hard. i've seen a lot of shows in my day and i sure wasn't complaining.

and yes, that sample IS actually tony blair. you can download it, and tons more at www.revusa.net vj sample heaven!


I agree completely. It was a great show, what more do you want?

The only COMPARABLE live electronic artist that I seen is Chemical Brothers... and I haven't seen them in a good 7 years now, so I don't even know what their live show is like anymore. But Coldcut ripped it up. Good time. :)
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