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Cold Fusion Airwaves [d'n'b and techno every sunday]

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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yo' this show kicks ass...

who are the dj's?





TRIBE Promoter
Alright kidz...

Hope everyone had a slamming weekend. As per usual we are bringing the sounds of techno and drum'n'bass to ya ears featuring an exclusive mix by the man they call Jay Denham live @ Fuse. You can tune in Sunday night 8-11 pm est by finding the link off of http://djshows.com [on the main page about half way down] or you can simply click http://whitelabelpromotions.com/smil/decay.smil

Line up:

8-9 Tactic [drum'n'bass sounds]

9-10 Rian Torrance [techno]

10-11 Jay Denham live @ fuse [techno]

Hope you all tune in...

to send shouts email info@decayproductions.com

peace and respect