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CODA - Bodzin


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First time @ the venue: liked it!

Lots of room to express myself - as mentioned before temps pushing smokers to be lazy fucks and ruin things for non smokers.

As an ex smoker myself I can say this: you are all lazy, selfish fucks to inflict that shit on the rest of us! go outside!

Bathrooms were nice and seemed constructed in a way that anything you could want to accomplish in a stall could be done with maximum of privacy - not bad!

Music was so-so: Bodzin's run with schumacher a few years back was around the time of his Maximum Impact on me, seems to have cultivated a sound involving a lot of interruptions and extended breakdowns, which lots of people liked but it broke things up too much for me..

Was pleasantly surprised by Mario Basonova (sp?) who was on before - and while he nearly lost the thread himself a few times he also delivered some very cool moments that had me motorin' more than Bodzin did later.

Though I could also be older, and not have the energy to keep it up two DJs in a row...

All in all a solid 7 out of 10.

Nice new club, and super convenient location!
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Ha they were trying - but couldn't keep up with it.

Lots of people getting in trouble for it but too many people to catch all of them.


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I use to really love Bodzin and Romboy and what they were doing on Systematic around 2005-8. As you say, things got a lot more breakdown heavy after that. Glad to have caught Bodzin in his prime.

Thanks for the review, I still want to check this venue out!


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Ya that's what I was thinking of - the early systematic releases, Craft music - his little run with Schumacher

It's always what I want to hear when I'm out but I think I missed that window and would have had to see him then when those were coming out.. I even think the times he DID come to Toronto he was still transitioning out of that sound a bit (even his earliest visit was too late maybe!)

That said his contribution is undeniable - no one else had that sound and there were tons of imitators emulating the Bodzin sound for years after...
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