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terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
anyone else excited about FINALLY seeing the T.O. Elusive COCOROSIE!! I still remember when they cancelled their show here a couple years ago and it left a lot of frowned faces...

I know there are still a few fans on here so I thought I would post up and see if anyone is making their way to the Opera house on the 9th for them


TRIBE Member
I wish :(

Vancouver is the closest they'll be to me, and that's a 10-12 hour drive :|

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
Can't say im shocked at the insane lack of interest on what could be one of the shows of the year...but damn!! 1 response and he isn't even going!:eek:


Well-Known TRIBEr
OH MANNNNNN, I really really really really really wanted to go to this. Can't believe I dropped the ball and forgot about it. :(
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