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Cockatiel Family


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I have adopted 2 baby cockatiels, and now I am fostering their Mom and younger Sister. They're all so cute. They have names from their previous home, but we're thinking of others. It's adorable, when one takes off, they all do! Odie likes them, but is still territorial over her cage and play gyms.

This is Squeakers, the youngest sister that we are fostering.

This is Sweetie and Squeakers.

Here we have (left to right) Squeakers, Sweetie, Hissie, and Babe(the Mommy).

This is Babe and Hissie.

Hissie and Mom again.
Randy wants to name Sweetie "Speck Head".

Here's Odie eating a carrot before supper yesterday. She can't be seen with the cockateils because she was in her cage chowing down! Anyone else have cockatiels?
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