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Coachella 2016

The Truth

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Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Despacio all weekend long? I assume it's going to be a special installation? They're not using it for the stages?


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probably in a designated tent. both 2manydj's and James are in attendance...be interesting to see who else will be touching that fantastic system.


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I'm finally going this year! Pretty jazzed about it, if I do say so myself. No fucking flower crowns for me though.

Lineup is not too shabby. Looking forward to checking out the following artists for the first time:

LUSH!!!! (swoon)
Vince Staples
The Kills
tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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I've been through the California desert a few times, and I love it there, but I think I'm too old for this.

Would love to see a lot of these artists but just not with that many people.

That said, for any one lucky enough to attend, enjoy :)


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You people are crazy to be travelling to the States with CDN dollar being so bad.

Maybe some of us bought up US currency when the Canadian $ was +7% to the USD.

Or perhaps people just want to live life and enjoy themselves. And more power to them either way.