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Clubnight - 2006-03-18 - John Dahlbäck - TechYEAHBABY!


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I don't normally link up sets for DJs who already have their careers sorted out but this set is nothing short of awesome. This guy is only 21 too! Crazy.

From You FM in Germany the Cloobnight Eggstra wit zee und John Dahlbäck yo! Why can't we have radio stations like this in Toronto?

176 megs - 130 minutes - 192k cbr.
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If I start getting referal links from anywhere other than Tribe this set will go offline.

Track List:
00:00 Uhr Hug - Fluteorgie ( K2 - 2 )
00:06 Uhr Hug - Singalong ( K2 - 5 )
00:10 Uhr Hug - Faceless Is More ( Promo )
00:15 Uhr John Dahlbäck - Kattz ( Promo )
00:19 Uhr John Dahlbäck - Gas ( Kompakt Extra - KOMEX 32 )
00:25 Uhr John Dahlbäck - Skrutt ( Pickadoll - PICK 006-6 )
00:29 Uhr Hug - The Platform ( Promo )
00:35 Uhr Huggotron - Tracer Eraser ( Promo )
00:39 Uhr Promo ( Promo )
00:43 Uhr Hugg & Pepp - Partymakers ( Cocoon - COR 010-3 )
00:48 Uhr Thomas Andersson - Copy Cat ( Bpitch Control - BPC 123 )
00:51 Uhr Huggotron - I Slide ( Promo )
00:56 Uhr Da Fresh - Love Doesn't Love Me (John Dahlbäck Rmx) ( Freshin - Promo )
01:01 Uhr Cirez D - Knockout (John Dahlbäck Rmx) ( Pryda - Promo )
01:06 Uhr Özgur Can - With Shades Of Gray ( Pickadoll - Promo )
01:14 Uhr Robbie Rivera - Replay The Night (John Dahlbäck Rmx) ( Juicy - Promo )
01:19 Uhr Mark & John - Rince #1 ( Pickadoll - Promo )
01:24 Uhr John Dahlbäck - My Secret ( Pickadoll - Promo )
01:28 Uhr Lazy Fat People - Dark Water ( Promo )
01:40 Uhr Hugg & Pepp - Snabeln ( Dahlbäck - DAR 005-6 )
01:45 Uhr Promo ( Promo )
01:49 Uhr Hugg & Pepp - In & Out Of My Life ( Joia - Promo )
01:54 Uhr Mark & John - When U Caught The Sun ( J&M - Promo )
01:58 Uhr Kaliber - Kaliber 1 ( Promo )
01:01 Uhr Mark & John - Jagging ( Pickadoll - PICK 005-6 )
01:04 Uhr Kaliber - Kaliber 2 ( Promo )
01:07 Uhr Mark & John - Too Far Gone ( J&M - Promo )
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FUCKIN' YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy kicks all sorts of ass all over the fucking place. I have a crap load of his records and they all rock. This guy is going to do amazing things because everything he does is fucking off the wall.

I can't wait for him to get to Toronto (if he ever does). That or i hope he's playin' in Berlin when I go this summer.


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Yeah i gave this a listen all the way through yesterday and its awsome. I'd loose my shit hearing this live.


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Yeah I've listened to it like 6 times now. So awesome. I just finished a mix of my own and this is getting way more listens which is unusual cuz normally I listen to a finished of mix of my own about 80 times and I've barely made it through once...

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mikeryan said:
01:49 Uhr Hugg & Pepp - In & Out Of My Life ( Joia - Promo )

This is a hot track. I wonder when it's being released.

Other than that though, this set was just okay. The Hugg and Pepp productions are hit and miss for me; I much prefer the dahlbacks as remixers. I find that this sound is too tech trancey for me at times (with the exception of a few tracks in the middle of this set).


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I like it. It's like robot music. bleep bloop bleep. bleep bloop bleep.

That mix of In & Out of My Life is cool too. I love it when you've been listening to the bleep bloop bleep for hours and then all of a sudden out of nowhere this awesome classic vocal comes in... Makes your spine shiver if it's done right. :)
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Dr Funk MD

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There's like 3 tracks on that mix that weren't produced by at least one Dahlback. Talk about prolific.

And the download speed is fucking blistering!


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mikeryan said:
This guy is only 21 too! Crazy.

omfg.. I thought Jesper was the yongest one.. I wonder now how old Jesper is :))))) Like.. 15 ?

Downloading it now and looking forward to it ! Thanks for posting ! ch33se
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i_o said:
omfg.. I thought Jesper was the yongest one.. I wonder now how old Jesper is :))))) Like.. 15 ?

Jesper is definitly the older one. He was doing laid back deep house shiz many many years ago and I think he still leans towards the deep dubby side. John is his cousin. I found something online detailing it once...

As for the Breath spot - yeah it's there! At 96 minutes. Right in between Dark Water and Snabeln (which i grabbed on beatport - wicked track). Breath isn't in the track list - maybe cuz he only plays the main bit from the middle?...

I'm still loving this mix...