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Club TX Canada w Aaron Olson 27 Prog House/Trance


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Another month of music is upon us and as usual Aaron branched out into many different genre's of EDM smashing out some killer, pumping Electro, Trance, Progressive and Hard Dance for your loverly ears!

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01. Tall Sasha feat. Lisa Donnely - Dance Around You (Big Room Mix)
02. Aaron Olson & D.O.R - Tangerine (D.O.R Remix)
03. Shlomi Levi feat. Randi Soyland - Enjoy the Silence
04. Shlomi Levi feat. Anne Marie Bush - I Will Survive
05. Shlomi Levi feat. Dayna - My Way
06. Lucarium - Piece of Art
07. Trendmonster & Arez - Time Spirit (Dimitry KO Remix)
08. Tekno Tom - One Day
09. LCK - Jack Out of the Box
10. Rodi Style - Sound Language
11. Energy Syndicate - Growl
12. Subtex - Implode
13. BK - Beat Drop
14. Tasso UK - Bedda
15. Curtis Young - Second Attempt
16. Jon The Dentist - Global Phases (Aaron Olson Remix)
17. McAree & Clancy - Unclear
18. Dodo & Lander feat. Sanija - Affirmation (Vocal Mix)


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