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Club Listings for Vancouver

Destro Sanchez

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Just wondering if you can point me to a good weekly listing of clubs and events in Vancouver.

Spending summer in Squamish and need some weekend dancing to remind me of hogtown.

All I know of is the weekly paper. Anywhere else online I should be checking?

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clubzone and clubvibes are alright, but like most forums, are kind of dying in the face of facebook. When are you in town and what kind of music are you looking for?

Destro Sanchez

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just got here.

staying til August (or earlier if I get bored)

favourite styles to dance to (in order):

Boogie/Disco/Classic House
Deep House
Dubstep (or whatever name it's called now)
Dub/Roots reggae

oh, and sometimes techno too...

The only promoters I know of are the Popkiller for technohouse and Lighta for dubstep.


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Lighta parties are some of the best in the city - check out DJG at Open Studios on the 26th:

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i'll actually be throwing a funk/soul/hiphop all vinyl party that same night actually.

Since you're here for the summer, the festivals are where it's at.

There's a big festival right in squamish on the weekend of the 25th call Bass Coast Fest: Login | Facebook

There's also Soundwave on Vancouver Island which is like a giant beach party for 4 days straight: Soundwave Music Festival (Vancouver Island, BC) | Facebook


From a funk/rare groove perspective, there's not too much on weekends other than some smaller rooms. The Friday Night Fever nights at this tiny bar on Robson called The Bunker has been getting some rave reviews...

House-wise, there's lotus although I wouldn't call what they do there "deep" house anymore. But there is some boogie and disco on Saturdays there... Neighbour plays there all the time actually... The long weekend parties at the Lotus are pretty fun too.

U-Tern plays at Shine every Saturdays in the main room although it's a little more electro and french house than boogie or disco, but he busts that out every so often...

This is just off the top of my head, i'll see if i can think of more places.


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there is a tonne going on in van.......

but you need to have your ear to the ground to figure out the goods. It took me a good while, and knowing a few people to figure out the good shit....

but ya it's all about face book! and knowing what promoters do what.

Also the Georgia Strait is a good paper to find event listings....

There are a few staple promoters......and there are also alot of "one off" promoters.

A lot of us promoters are taking the summer off just for festival season and to take in summer time proper.

going to try seperate this in categories and it's up to you to do some homework, Don't have the time to hook up all the links.


Doll house studios - A burlesque studio that was run by sweet soul burlesque, they've passed the venue on to the SHAH djs, so you can expect a little more DNb scoming from theat venue, but they still rent it out to abroad spectrum of different promoters.

Open Studios - Do a Wide variety of shows, Lighta! does a lot of shows here, so did popkiller, and others.

The Fall - An Art Gallery and tatoo shop that occasionally throws parties.

Storeyum - Huge underground museum in the heart of down town that just opened up., Earth Dance on Sept 18th is going to be a HUGE show, show casing a lot of Vancouvers alternative arts and music culture.

Random Renegade beach parties / under bridges. - Once in a while there will be party under a bridge, or on a beach,

Red Gate - super underground/grimey dark dirty basement.


The Biltmore - Book hip hop/ love acts / Dub-step / DnB experimental. This is probabky my favourite club that plays good cutting edge music.

Lotus - Every Friday is holly wood fridays usually play crappy "hand bag" house, kind of douchey. Saturdays Signal runs a night, they usually book some good 4/4 acts, but still the crowd is a bit to "clubby" for my tastes.

Shine - They do a lot of mid tempo funky breaks. Every Sat is Big Sexy Funk, Mat the alien is a resident here but rarely does he play.

U-Turn always has the back room poppin.

The Anza

They do the occasional 1 off show, and I think every saturday is a reggae night.

Back Stage Lounge

The @nd Saturday of everuy night, SHAH djs host a DNB night, usually focusing on more the Liquid fnuk tip of DnB.

Red Room
Usaully the music is crap but if a good promoter is doin a show there it will go off. Beats Without Borders often does a Thursday night, focusing on more of the global fusion beats.

The Venue

Glitch Mob recently played there, the occasinaly "BIG" headliner will get booked there.

The Astoria - Every Thursday is a dance hall / reggae night called Ting.


Perception - Big one offs spanning multiple genres's been doing a lot of funky glitch hop lately. A lot of sounds similar to Tippers steeze. Big focus on themes, arts, costumes, performance.
that's me ;)

Lighta! - Dubstep, Uk Funky , Grime, Glitch Hop etc.

PopKiller - Techno

Signal - House / Techno

Shah - DnB / Dubstep

Integrated Grime Unit - Gltich hop / dubstep

Super happy fun dance djs - Nu- Funk / Mash up.

Moo Crew- Breaks / Nu - Funk

Suave Assasins - DnB / Dub Step

there is more, also was if you're in squamish you are going to want to check out BASS COAST PROJECT, trust me, you don't wanna miss this.
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just a couple corrections - Big Sexy Funk at Shine has been done for a while now. It's now the aforementioned Disco/French House/Indie dance night w/ U-tern in the front.

The Super Happy Dance Deejays (no "fun") are around (my crew) but we're taking a bit of a hiatus from shows - that being said, we play way more than just nu-funk and mashup :) - we generally include the gamut of underground sounds including dubstep, glitch, hip hop, and house.


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word man! sorry totally didn't mean to pigeon hole you cats, you guys play a bit of everything really.

And ya it's been awhile since I've been to shine, It think the last time was when A-Skillz played.

So happy to be living in Van!

Destro Sanchez

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thanks for all the tips guys!

I couldn't convince my friends to come to your gallery gig the other weekend, Soo. (I hate having to compromise)

Looking into some of these spots for my next trip into Vancouver this weekend. (Neil Hamburger standup and a Lighta' party)


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thanks for all the tips guys!

I couldn't convince my friends to come to your gallery gig the other weekend, Soo. (I hate having to compromise)

Looking into some of these spots for my next trip into Vancouver this weekend. (Neil Hamburger standup and a Lighta' party)
you missed out - it was retarded in there that night and was packed till about 5am.

We're probably going to be doing a couple more during the summer so i'll keep ya posted.
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