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CLONK - march 9


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hey, that was fun!!! *S* I was only there for Mike Shannon, but he rocked! I liked his tracks..... although I must admit I didnt spent TOO much time annalizing the DJ- more socializing..... *S*

nice to see some TBK out- BEEJ (who I havent seen in AGES), Technocratic Girl, Emil, Gentlemanjack, Saturn, Kaptik (big surprise!!!!)...

and it was a pleasure meeting Adam's roommate, dave-- although I wonder where ADAM himself was..... *tsk*

oh and of course, nice running into tommysmalls too. *GRIN*

btw--- a big UP YOURS to Emil and Amanda for the rukus!!! *L*

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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the clonk was good - and as usual, the decor was nice and dark and minimal - kudos!

also, the live PA by vergel was SOLID

tommy <-- totally diggin' the dub techno


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Yeah Tommy! You know whares it at. Dubby anything is amazing! And techno is the best for of music ever (peroid). Mix the 2 and you have something better than sex.