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Clive Henry



He dropped a lot of sick tunes, but I wasn't impressed with his mixing at all. I expected a lot more but had a good time anyway.

Matt Coleridge deffinetly stole the show.


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nice set...walked over from the wabi party, just as clive henry threw down feel my drums...(could hear it from outside)...enjoyed hearing the killer eric morillo track (i believe beats vol 2) right after & he had the party jumping at that point...system was the busiest i have seen it in a couple of weeks & just as i was settling into clives set, he finished & mark scaife came on the decks...(i guess it wasn't a four hour set)...

mark as usual hit the spot w/ some nice funky prog & even some really nice breaks...some quivver, satoshi, depeche mode (not sure if it was the bushwacka mix of dream on), andreas johnson & a really killer track to finish off the night...once again, breathe crew was in full effect, & as always it has been really great meeting all of you (rick, steve, nesta, sam (huggs from la belle ville de montreal (enjoy the rest of your weekend))
... heard great reviews from everyone about matts opening set, & thanks again to everyone for making the breathe nights so much fun...

cause it is about the music, & the friends you can turn to with that knowing smile when a wicked track drops & no reply is necessary cause they understand exactly what you're feeling!!!

have a great saturday, & i'm off to sleep...



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realize after waking up here, that killer track is by harry romero (not morillo)& is beats vol 2...stellar track making the rounds right now...once again off to enjoy this great day...



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what a great night. clive henrys set was pretty short though IMO. he threw down some wicked tribal tracks (UNDERGROUND WILL LIVE FOREVER BABY). but i have to say matt coleridge was the highlight of the night for me, great set matt.

nice to meet a bunch of new tribe faces, in addition to the usual suspects. hope to see y'all at Steve Lawler on thursday.

p.s i have to say adam is the best bartender in the city.


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^ As usual I see that people can't say enough about Matt.

Well, Clive's set was a LOT more energetic then I expected. I thought it would have been 3 hours of slow deep beats, but he kept it on the up and up side and the crowd was diggin it. Wasn't really impressed with his mixing either, but his track selection was phenomenal.

shout outs to the TBK massif!

Peace & love. D
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hey! I was there and loving it

what a great night, loads of liquor but I'm not dead in the morning. I met some new people (basic, echo, temper tantrum, mcbee), and discovered the coolness that is the TBK krew. a great comfortable night and only my second time at System, we'll have to change that

echootje (Rob)


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i am really tired right now as i just got home from work and drank ALOT last nite!! (much respect to the shots with our coats on crew!!

system on a friday nite is really and truly a fun nite....
SO many tribe people last nite....was VERY overwhelming but in a good way. the smile on my face last nite was huge and there was no way it was coming off! big kiss for everyone who helped put a smile on my face last nite

more detailed review to come...i gotta have a nap now.



<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mcbee:
system on a friday nite is really and truly a fun nite....</font>

uh oh, you said the S word.



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All together it was a fun night... but I was a little dissapointed with Mr. Henri's set. I guess I was too hyped and expecting a little more.
Matt as ussual kicked ass
btw I liked the Depeche Mode track.
Nice to meet you McBee

See ya all next week


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mcbee:
(much respect to the shots with our coats on crew!!

OMG I almost forgot about that...also shouts out to the double fistin' crew

All in all, a wicked night @ System as usual...
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Wicked night at System once again. The crowd was a pleasant surprise. Matt Coleridge's set was most def the highlight of the night, but that's not to take anything away from Clive Henry and Mark Scaife. The progression of music throughout the night was the best I've heard yet at Breathe. Mark Scaife played some sweet breaks, including the Hybrid remix of Andreas Johnson's "Glorious". Love the remix of Depeche Mode's "Dream On" as well. Shout outs to Huggs...hope you guys got home alright.

Steve, you're right, Adam is the greatest bartender in T.O. Respect!


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Clive Henry was definitely worth the wait! Love every single track he dropped - finally got to hear Deep Dish' remix of Dido-Thank You. I somehow expected it to be on the cheesy side, but it was surprisingly hard and driving.

Matt Coleridge's set was fucking awesome. Depeche Mode's Dream On - holy shit. Matt gets better with each set.


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Woa.. Was going to Ascension but after finding out my full krew wasn't gonna make it, Rob (Echoojetwhatever
) and I decided to drop by System. 'Twas a good choice!

Coleridge spun a wicked set. Nice and smooth mixing, props for droppin' the 'Dream On' Remix. Clive Henry wasn't the best mixer in the world but I thought he made up for that in track selection. Had me dancin' most of the time.

Props go out to Rob, Basic (finished school bender went well, eh?), McBee
. Met Allie for the second time (found your tongue ring???), Great meeting Echo, Jainiecakes, KiFe (2nd time), Alchemy, and a whole bunch of other TBK whose names escape me, at the moment. You all made my night that much more fun!!!! Peace,




Haha. I think that girl Allie you're referring to is the one that I hung out with. I mean, how many people lost their tongue rings on friday night? I thought her name was Holly though. It was pretty funny seeing her crawling around on the floor at System, on all fours, trying to find a little silver object that was prolly on the other side of the room.

But, a wicked night. Big ups to Sam for sticking it out with me, at least till 5ish...but I couldn't leave. It was my last night at Breathe for god knows how long (moving to Montreal next week) so I wanted to kick it up. Matt's set was phenomenal. And he's a nice guy too.

Mark's set was good - but I was really hoping to hear Bliss - SHIT!

Clive Henry had me dancing like a drunken flea, and the crowd was great as per usual.

And now its time to party in Montreal
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Temper Tantrum

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Well Josh I'm glad you had a good laugh at me. If it was the same guy I'm thinking of, cuz I did actually meet another girl who lost her tongue ring on friday. I'm a redhead, was with a large crew of people, white shirt, black pants, last friday. So mebbe it was me
. I'm cursed with that tongue ring. Joanna had to help me find it once too. Sigh. Matt- I'll tell you the end of that story some other time. Brief review of the party- EXCELLENT- Great music, great friends, wicked time.

And it's pretty funny when your looking around the floor of system for your jewelry and every bouncer thinks your looking for drugs. No. I just wanted my !Q#$@#$!@ tongue stud back. God is trying to tell me I'm not meant to have a tongue ring.

t. tAnTrUm