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Clive Henry @ Life


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Disclaimer: If you were looking for tech house on this nite, you were in the wrong place

House music. Dark, dirty, tribal with some progressive thrown in.

He rocked the place hard with his sound. I was on my feet dancing for the 2hrs of his set I managed to stay for. Wikked, wikked music. I was in heaven. Im sure there were a few new Peace Division tracks in there but damn I loved the music.

Did anyone else make it out for this?

Do not miss him when he rocks the house at Breathe in March. You will not be disappointed.



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This was a really good set. I really enjoyed it. He came with the funky chunky stuff. He had me dancin'. He played the original "Voices" - KC Flight from a few years ago(the heavy tribal version).

Flea ... let's not forget about Peter from Peter and Tyrone who was throwing down a dark house set.

I was one of those who was expecting more tech house, but I'm not complaining.

"It's been done from New York, to London, to L.A."

Skins, Skins, Skins