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clive bags in T.O stores?


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Hey, hope to get some help from tribe

coming to toronto tomorrow form ottawa and need to get myself a wicked laptop/shoulder bag.....I had a sweet clive before my gf stole it.

does anyone know of stores downtown that have a good selection of bags/couriour packs/dj bags?

one like this be would be dope


They had them at Urban Outiftters.
We bought a few on sale for about $10 each. SCORE to that one.

Lately, I actually saw them and when I remember where, I will tell ya.

I'm thinking the mall but I can't remember right now. Hmmmm.....

Check Urban Outfitters for sure on Yonge, just south of Dundas.

FUCK, it's killing me! I KNOW I just petted a few last week...
i recently got a clive bag (more of a purse style than what you showed) at west 49 on yonge north of eglinton for 20 bucks.

i didn't see what the entire selection was of them, but they did have a few.
NOISE on Queen should have them. GET OUTSIDE as well, if my memory serves me correctly!!!

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