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Clemsns v Clemens


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many of your better players are good guys...just that being a good guy doesn't command headlines the way being a jerk does


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D1Willow said:
At least we can confirm that Clemens is still a jerk!
Why are all the best players jerks?
wtf are you talking about

this is the pitcher batter relationship

his kid isnt in the backyard anymore: THIS IS THE MAJOR LEAGUES

dad is getting son ready to play with the big boys

and having a lil fun


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I don't think he is a Jerk...In fact I am sure his son expected exactly what happened.

Remember we are talking about Roger Clemens here. With his pin point control you could tape a quarter to the backstop and he would hit it. He wasn't going to Bean his son.

He was just showing him the way it is in big league baseball....I'm sure Roger's son of all people would know that. I highly doubt it was the first time Rocket pitched him inside.
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