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Classics not Classics 'Holy Grails'


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It's not very often I have all my rare chicago 12's and a spare 100 minutes these days.. however, the planets aligned last night and the result is a 100 minute mix..

My classics not classics series came about when a friend asked me to put my old, less known chicago stuff into a mix. As much as we loved them..we were bored by the same old chicago tunes appearing in all the mixes and compilations..so i tried to make people aware of a whole load of lesser known tracks by lesser known artists… I went on to do 6 volumes… they're getting on a bit now..and only 192 kbps so I thought id put all my favourite ones in one mix. Fastforward 10 years..and the advent of the Discogs bubble.. and the availability of every track known to man on Youtube…the not of 'lesser known' as they were..but they are still great tracks.

You can listen and/or download it here - https://soundcloud.com/placid_88/grails

Artsits -
Joe R Lewis
Marcus Mixx
DA Posse
Jody Finch
Melodious Myles
Disco D

All done in one hit on two 1210's.
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