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Classic Trance track ID


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This track was huge around 96/97 or so. I believe Oliver Lieb originally made it but its been remixed a million times and never found out the name.. surely someone here knows what it is. Thx in advance. Sample is 7.5Mb

Trance sample
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LSG = Oliver Lieb.

Netherworld = one of the best songs ever

That sample doesn't sound like Netherworld, though.
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Sleepy Giant

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I just suggested that because he mentioned Oliver Lieb and that's the track that fit the criteria.

I agree on 'netherworld', that track is dope.


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It may not be a Lieb track.. I may just have a Lieb remix of someone else's track.. whatever the case I know he was involved in the production somehow and thats about all i know of it. Oh and there were crazy remixes flying around as late as 2000.