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classic jack tracks...


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as of late of been hooked on a lot of classic 'jack' traxx and was curious what traxx you guys think define the 'jack' sound...

i.e. basement traxx, dbx, etc...
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steve 'silk' hurley - jack your body
raze - jack the groove
blaze - satisfaction
kerri chandler (pre 93) - ah baby
blake baxter - when we used to play
rythm is rythm - it is what it is
octave one - i believe
green velvet - preacher man
larry heard - waterfalls
the it - donnie
chip e - like this
ron wilson - prove it to me
derrick may - wiggin


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not sure which number it was.. but it had various artists... one of which was 'dem niggas'. That album was so fucking sick. 'white light' or 'bright light' was the other artist on the album. My buddy vince used to drop that slab of vinyl all the time.... it used to make me JACK IT HARD!

ahhh jack traxx.



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vince ailey by chance. i know he has most of the repressed jack trax tunes. they rerelesed the stuff on some 8 vinyl set of somfin like that.
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