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Classic house vol. 1 - RickToxic


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I posted this a few years ago in the house room (heres the original post ),prior to the dj mix forum and i just recently found some hosting, so here we go again. I dug this up to promote a classic house thing we're gonna be doing in Feb.

I hope you guys enjoy this one. some good memories in here. :)

Tracklisting and Index times
Rick Toxic - Classic House

00:00 - Tribal Tone - OHM
03:44 - Follow Me - Aly-Us
06:19 - House 4 All - Blunted Dummies
10:07 - Burning - MK feat. Alana
12:44 - Feel the Drums - M1
15:55 - Push the feeling on - NightCrawlers
18:16 - The Music (deep inside) - Latino Brothers
20:13 - Been a long time - The Fog
21:28 - Can you feel it? - Fingers Inc.
26:35 - Primitive - TurnTable Terror Tracks
27:50 - Male Female - ?
30:49 - House Nation - Housemaster Boyz
36:15 - Work that Muthafucker - Steve Poindexter
38:01 - Big Time - That kid Chris
40:04 - Magic Carpet Ride - Mighty Dubkats
43:11 - Sweet Lullaby - Deep forest
45:55 - Dont Laugh - Winx
50:54 - Preacher man - Velvet Tracks
56:40 - Plastic Dreams - Jaydee

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thnx everyone. hope this mix sprung up some good memories for you all.

I really should put together Vol. 2.


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Yeah yeah

This mix is so good. I've had to burn about 5 copies now because people keep going nutz about it here at work.

Vol 2 would be mucho apriciated.




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i threw this, doublecross's new mix, and ghaleon's mix on last night while playing a big game of post-bar risk, good times :)


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* * had to take the set down off my server for now, if you still want it, hit me up on msn, or PM.



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excellent mix, loved how you finished off with plastic dreams. request if volume 2 comes out, magic feet by md connection and i can't remember the name but it's the one with an awesome sax solo.


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This mix is awesome- this forum has such a wealth of talent that I feel like I dont have to buy music anymore- just download from here. My housemates and I are loving this mix.


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Whoa, add another to the list of those who love the mix and are dying for another. So dope, and I've already burnt a bunch of copies for friends who haven't been out in the house scene in quite some time but love to rehear the old stuff.


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Man that link is dead :(

Can someone please put that set up again. It would be much appreciated.



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Originally posted by T

10:07 - Burning - MK feat. Alana
I've always maintained that this has to be one of the hottest tracks ever produced in the history of everything.

I'm late listening to this but I thought I'd throw my $0.02 anyways. Definitely keeping this mix in rotation.