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Classic House - MattLok - Past:Present:Future::Session01


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thanks for the mix brother, it is rockin my ipod like crazy at the moment!

shout out to the k-town crew, matt and isaac! whats up fellas

mike ----- rocking it in alaska right now but heading back to quebec city next week


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Re: Re: Classic House - MattLok - Past:present:Future::Session01

Originally posted by Fullbodysoundsystem
Hello Vench!
yo Damon!! what's up mate??

once again, proper mix Matt.



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Damn damn damn! Thank you for this, but I think we need a propah release (ie. I want a copy on cd) haha...




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Good god this is one serious mix! I want a copy for my car! Hook a brotha up! I also know Mr. Kiernander, so if that gets me points, then I'm sluttin his name out!




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Originally posted by mattlok

My hot spot before Industry Nightclub were the GoGo, Starrs (Burlington) and 23-Hop.
wow, 23 hop was the first club i ever went to.

Stores I favour, Carnival Records,
i remember that store...wasnt it on the 2nd floor on yonge street, around the eaton centre?

and my favourite stations ... 88.1 Dave Campbell's Show (Sunday noon - 4pm)
lol...you would hear "youre listening to Daves dance music" & "this is the Dave Campbell show" every friggan 3-4 minutes...
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i still have a carnival records tshirt that eric ling gave to me when it was closing.

it's holy. ;)


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Holy shit .. this mix really brings back old memories. Some of this stuff I haven't heard in like 12 years (or more)

20. Twi-Light (Masters At Work) - FreeStyle Orchestra - MAW
! <3 !

thanks for sharing mat .. :)


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all i had to hear was "this poem" at the start of this mix and i love it already

music.. wacky wacky music.



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At a quarter to four, I'm on the dancefloor, I'm living my life undergrrrrroooouuuunnnnddd.


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Let Me Show You Love

The Track that has been stuck in my head since Thursday evening is off of Mattlok Past Present & Future Classic House Set


The sample is an oldie for sure . I know I had the album years ago and I think it came off TOMMY BOY Records .

Hearing this Track was the Best Feeling Thursday night . PURE CLEAN BODY RUSH - THANK YOU Mr Dj



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Nothing Can Hold Me Down I'm Not Slowing Down Cause I living My Life Underground - I'm Not Coming Down .:D


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this mix just made my nite. Riding back from Thanksgiving dinner at 1am listening to these classic tracks...... oh god..... it took me back to late nite drives all over hells and half acre listening to music and all fueled up looking for a good time.

So good it brought me back.... I felt like I should've been coming back to Toronto to go to a party and meet up with my friends at some dirty warehouse... hehee... but hey... here's to memories!

cheers... great mix.


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Well I hauled this mix out again today after a couple of months on the shelf.

And I just wanted to say how much I like it. :)

I love having a classics mix or two sittin' around ready to go when the mood strikes.

soooo freakin good.

*dances on coffee table*


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love this mix. thanks! anywhere i can find a tracklist? 68m and 52s forced me to punch myself in the face so many times it was so good.