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Classic hard to find funky breaks in stock at Ebloc

Robb G

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Hey everyone I just wanted to give you a heads up on the crazy re-stocks Ebloc has this week, for those trying to play "catch up" with their record collection this is a great opportunity……

Bill, Ben, and Bagio - Pusherman – FRESKANOVA
“I’m your Momma, I’m your Daddy, I’m that Nigger in the Alley…”

Bowser - Street Beat EP - FRESKANOVA
All four cuts on this one rock but the clincher is “If you don’t like that we can go disco”

Freestylers - Warning - FRESKANOVA
Hard and funky…….."Some noise…………Raise it up”

Freestylers - Here We Go - FRESKANOVA
Really damn funky classic Freestylers

Freska Allstars - Keeping Our Hands In – FRESKANOVA
Solid four track EP by four separate artists “Get Fresh”

How about almost every old and hard to find Prodigy record on vinyl (Original Press)

Prodigy - Fire - XL
Prodigy - Everbody In The Place - XL
Prodigy - Wind It Up - XL
Prodigy - Outta Space - XL
Prodigy - Voodoo People - XL
Prodigy - Firestarter - XL
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
Prodigy - Poison
Prodigy - One Love
Prodigy - Music For A Jilted Generation
Prodigy - Fat Of The Land

Or a wack of older Moonshine Records like DJ Dan's funky hard house remixes of Cirrus "Back on a Mission" or "Stop and Panic"
or DJ Dan's killer breaks remix of "Freshmaker".

Not to mention some wicked new releases this week.

All these titles are available online at

or come down to the shop in person at 336 Yonge St. (just north of Dundas) inside Sunrise Records on the second floor.

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Originally posted by LiLy
new e bloc is sweet

thanks. you have no idea how much of a pain it was moving. RECORDS ARE FREAKIN' HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the new shop has already changed since we moved in on december 3rd, and their will be lots of enhancements in the future. personally, i'm very excited.
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i suppose i better get off my ass and actually leave my home. every time that happens though i get poorer and poorer.

i tried to walk to the GAP undies store earlier this week and didnt make it past PlayD.
i did get a new record bag though...joy :)

alrighty, im on my way...
*squints into the setting sun*
look out world, i have a line of credit!