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Clapping with joy! Komack the Moose vs. Patchi the Porcupine


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Komak the moose, Canadian Olympic mascot unveiled


Komak is a young moose from Algonquin Park. Yes he is
CBC News

Komak, the new Canadian Olympic team mascot, was introduced Friday in Hamilton at St. Lawrence Catholic Elementary School.

Komak made his debut before a gym full of school kids screaming "Go Canada Go!"

Later in the evening, Komak will also be part of the official Tree of Hope lighting ceremony at Gore Park in downtown Hamilton. Olympians Cheryl Pounder (hockey), Sami Jo Small (hockey) and Jason Burnet (trampoline) will be there too. In total, the three have won six medals for Canada. The Olympians helped introduce Komak to the world.


According to the Pan Am 2015 committee, Pachi is a young porcupine that grew up just west of Toronto in a forested area of the Niagara Escarpment. (CBC)

The three mascots and a sidekick chosen for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver were inspired by traditional First Nations creatures. Pachi the Porcupine will represent Toronto and Hamilton as the official mascot for the 2015 Pan American Games.

Did you know "Pachi" is derived from a Japanese phrase meaning "clapping with joy?" And, Pachi includes 41 multicoloured quills to represent all nations competing at the Games. So now you know.

from cbc
Komak the moose, Canadian Olympic mascot unveiled - Latest Hamilton news - CBC Hamilton
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Not Chosen: Cracky the Hog. Cracky grew up in the wilds of Etobikoke but started using hard drugs and began hanging out with gangsters.