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City Tv Exposed!!!!!!!!!!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Richard Raiban

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Originally posted by Boss Hog
Sorry dude, posted earlier today. :)

funny though.


DAMN you guys are FAST!!!

sorry everyone...

Sunshyne Jones

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and kinda sad too

weird to see 'newsguy' martineau be an ass on tv instead of being fairly respectable.

Roch Voisine is that 'singing homo'???? yeesh!
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Aerius Zension

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Got this 5 mins ago from work

Citytv Toronto issues the following statement in response to off-air footage that has recently and illegally been circulated on the Internet:

TORONTO, Jan. 27 /CNW/ - I've been in the news business for over 35 years, and it is with huge regret that I find myself the center of the story.

Within the past 24 hours some videotape of a station promo session taped many years ago - material that was never telecast or ever intended to be - found its way to the Internet.

I'm personally mortified some tired, silly and inappropriate comments I made might damage the stellar reputation that Citytv has earned. I apologize. I'm so proud to be part of a news team that has always been instrumental in making a difference, and still leads the way in effecting positive change. I ask and hope that you'll judge me based on the work I've been part of for the last 30 years and not on a regrettable incident.

Gord Martineau
Anchor/Reporter, CityPulse News

For 25 years I have had the privilege of working with Gord Martineau; I know who he is as a man, I know what he values, and I know where his heart is. Gord is perfectly placed as our lead player in a news shop that respects all individuals. We are inclusive, we are fair, we are committed to reflecting every voice, every race, every face, every cause. We are respected for breaking barriers and celebrating each other's differences. We are fully committed to building bridges of understanding between individuals and groups.

Gord's attempt to be humorous - in an off-air exchange with a colleague many years ago -- was insensitive and inappropriate and he truly regrets his comments. This incident does not reflect his character, his professionalism or his body of work.

This is not only about Gord; this is about every member of our staff who, like Gord, all share values of respect, inclusion, fairness and social justice. While our hearts are absolutely in the right place, this is a case when, admittedly, the humor was not. Our values and commitment remain strong. I commit that we will be better, still human, and therefore still flawed, but better.

Stephen Hurlbut
Vice-President, News Programming - Citytv Toronto

Either way, still funny.